Hello Friday

Hello Friday

What a week!  Do you ever feel like the days between Monday and Friday are waaaaaaay more than 5?  That was my week.  I’ve mentioned my Mom not being well and we’ve been waiting since last Tuesday for the results of her bone marrow biopsy.  Yesterday my Mom sent a message saying the tests were back and clear.  I let out a breath that I didn’t realise I’d been holding and a huge weight was lifted – we are SO relieved.  My Mom is waiting for one test which she says she is not worried about and she said should the test be positive she will need a course of tablets to sort it out.

Work wise this week has been very busy with quarter end and I’m happy that Friday is here and 4:00pm is in sight!

Today I’m linking up Lindsay http://theflynnigans.com/ Charlotte http://mypixieblog.com/ and Beth http://coffeeuntilcocktailsblog.com/ with my Friday gratitude list:

  • My Mom’s test results coming back clear. Feel like a massive worry has been lifted and we are so relieved and grateful!
  • The most delicious butter chicken last Friday night – what an amazing start to the weekend.
  • Relaxed Saturdays
  • Date night on Sunday – went to watch “Life of the Party” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Had a great dinner at Cattle Baron afterwards.
  • Butternut soup on cold winter days
  • Going to gym when I felt I didn’t have the energy, running 3.9km’s and enjoying it.
  • The warmer weather on Wednesday.  Said goodbye dry month and had some wine outside on the bench in the garden.
  • Dam levels are up!
  • Watching My Kitchen Rules South Africa and My Kitchen Rules Australia.
  • Trying new teas and enjoying them.

This weekend is going to be super relaxed which is much needed after this week.  Alot depends on the weather – whether we cycle and hubby gets to do some photography.  We are having another delicous curry for dinner tonight and I cannot wait!  Tomorrow is predicted to pour down and we have a chilled day planned – late breakfast, staying in our jim jams and catching up on all our favourite shows.  Sunday we are hoping to go for a long cycle and have dinner out planned for the evening.

What is on your gratitude list today?  What are your weekend plans?



Sentence a day: May edition

Midweek confessions

Lindsay  http://theflynnigans.com often shares a post like this and I love reading them.  You sum up a month with a sentence (sometimes more) per day.  It is like a snapshot of your month for everyone to see.  So here is my May:

Tuesday 1st May 2018: Public holiday!  Went to Langebaan for a long cycle – I rode 36 km’s – longest cycle ever.  Delicious brunch at Ginja Beanz afterwards.

Wednesday 2nd May 2018:  Sore throat (again).

Thursday 3rd May 2018:  Very long day – cannot wait for the weekend.

Friday 4th May 2018:  Sushi for dinner – great start to the weekend.

Saturday 5th May 2018:  Had breakfast with my Aunt.  We had a lovely time catching up. Then hubby and I went to Specialised and hubby got cycling shoes and I got new shorts and a jacket.

Sunday 6th May 2018: Relaxing day.  Went to Franschhoek for a drive and then later in the evening we had dinner at Cattle Baron.

Monday 7th May 2018:  Tried to find mountain biking shoes in my size after work – mission impossible!

Tuesday 8th May 2018:  Treated myself to Clinique goodies after work.

Wednesday 9th May 2018:  Sore throat. Stayed home and got lots of sleep.

Thursday 10th May 2018:  Same as the above.

Friday 11th May 2018:  Feeling better.  Finally found cycling shoes that don’t have to clip in.

Saturday 12th May 2018:  Amazing adventure to see the Quiver Trees in the Northern Cape.  Got up and was on the road by 2:00am and had a fantastic time.  Travelled 850 km’s – quite a day trip!

Sunday 13th May 2018:  Woke up exhausted!  Took it easy while hubby went for a cycle and then in the afternoon I managed a 4km run.

Monday 14th May 2018:  Skipped gym and had a chilled evening after work.

Tuesday 15th May 2018:  Went for a run at the gym, grocery shopping, laundry, dinner, Masterchef Australia and bed!

Wednesday 16th May 2018:  Weather was really pleasant and after work we sat in the garden enjoying a crisp drink.

Thursday 17th May 2018:  Is it Friday yet?  Just checking.

Friday 18th May 2018:  Sushi for dinner – hooray!

Saturday 19th May 2018:  Went to Langebaan, had brunch at Ginga Beanz and cycled for 40 km’s.  Speed was less than my last cycle but it was the longest distance I’ve done.

Sunday 20th May 2018:  Really feeling yesterdays cycle! Went for a drive in the afternoon and stopped for a milktart on the way home.

Monday 21st May 2018:  Very long day.  Went to get dinner after work and just chilled on the couch with “My Kitchen Rules Australia” and the leftover milktart for dessert!

Tuesday 22nd May 2018:  Spontaneous date night with my love at one of our favourite restaurants.  I love Cattle Baron.

Wednesday 23rd May 2018:  Did a massive clean after work, did laundry, caught up on blogs while the floors dried and had a healthy dinner.

Thursday 24th May 2018:  Ended an hour early and it was awesome.  Beat the traffic and came home, showered, got under blankets on the couch and watched a movie with hubby.  Bliss.

Friday 25th May 2018:  We celebrated Africa Day at work.  Before lunch we were treated to lots of dishes prepared by colleagues and it was delicious.

Saturday 26th May 2018:  We went back to photograph the Quiver Trees.  Weather was better which was great.  Drove back and had an early dinner at Cattle Baron.

Sunday 27th May 2018:  I blame lack of sleep for my very bad mood today!  Managed a 4km run though.

Monday 28th May 2018:  Such a sore stomach.  Stayed home and took it easy.

Tuesday 29th May 2018:  Feeling loads better and back at work.

Wednesday 30th May 2018:  Super long day.  Treated ourselves to dinner out.

Thursday 31st May 2018:  Rain and lots of it!  Came home, showered and warmed up before catching up on some serious TV time. Bliss.


June goals

1 beverage-coffee-computer-877695

My goals for May were:

  • Drive more often – Unfortunately not.  No excuses – I’m just happier as a passenger!
  • Declutter last 2 shelves of linen cupboard and organise bathroom cabinet  yes (at long last!)  I also organised our main wardrobe and tidied up the spare one in the study.
  • Plan dinners and eat more healthy lunches Yes and once I was in the habit it got easier.
  • Read either “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle or “The life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo.  I read the “Power of now” and it was amazing!  I still plan on reading Marie Kondo’s book.

June Mantra:

“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than definding or hanging on” – Eckhart Tolle

This ties in perfectly with my OLW for 2018 which is release.

My June goals:

  • Drive more often
  • Read 3 books
  • Continue healthy meal planning
  • Make June a dry month
  • Be more mindful

What about you, what are your goals for the month?



Friday gratitude

New pic

I’m always happy when Friday rolls around but sometimes it seems to take extra long for this day to arrive!

Earlier this week my Mom went in for more tests.  She had to have a bone marrow biopsy and we are awaiting the results.  Waiting is the worst but I’m hoping and praying that the news is good.

We got some rain this side and last night the wind picked up and howled for hours. Woke up around 1:30am.  Again at 4:30am.  5:10am.  Today is a day where tea needs to move aside – I need coffee and lots of it!  We are exhausted to say the least but I feel we cannot complain when we get rain – the dams need it so badly.

My gratitude list for the week:

  • My Mom being open with us about her health issues.  Usually she likes to protect me from worrying and I only hear about things afterwards (or often only when she is in hospital).
  • Getting great weather for our day trip last Saturday to see the Quiver Trees.
  • Dinners at Cattle Baron. I love their burgers.
  • Running 4km on Sunday.
  • Being on top of laundry and housework.
  • Reading “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and realising the importance of being mindful.
  • Rain this week.
  • Saying no and not feeling guilty.
  • Getting a box of Lindt chocolates as a gift.
  • My hubby and his patience.

This evening we need to go grocery shopping for the weekend and tonight we are making a curry for supper and I’m really looking forward to it.  This cold weather is perfect for it and I cannot wait to get home, showered and comfy.   We were hoping to go cycling but everything depends on the weather.  I’d like to see Melissa McCarthy’s new movie and we are planning a dinner at Cattle Baron so this weekend will be fun rain or shine!

What about you?  What is on your gratitude list and what are your plans for the weekend?


Oh the feelings


Earlier this year I changed my contraception. I’d been using a very convenient option and one of the side effects was zero time-of-the-month.  Unfortunately I was 10kg’s heavier and miserable so I decided to switch to something else.

Which has meant mood swings from hell.

Oh the feelings.

I swear I have never gone through so many tissues.  I’m used to sitting with a wet face when I’m watching “This is Us” but an advert for a restaurant is another story.  Seriously – where did this avalanche of feelings pour out of?

The list of things that have had me bawling recently includes:

  • A Whatsapp from my Mom thanking me for something
  • A photo of my late Gran I found on my phone
  • A random memory of something I could have done differently 20 years ago
  • A wildlife documentary
  • An advert for insurance
  • The way a book ended

It is exhausting but not as draining as the fact that anything can piss me off with no warning.

The other day I was furious for something so silly and insignificant that I’m embarrassed to even mention it.  It was a minor inconvenience that took place a decade ago and I was suddenly bat poop furious at it.  I demanded an apology.

Still waiting.

I am literally the human version of grumpy cat at the moment.  I just look a lot crabbier.

Oh gosh the feelings.  I’m assuming they will level out.  That as my hormones calm down I’ll feel human again!

Hoping it is soon because at the moment I suspect the only people I haven’t pissed off or offended are those I haven’t yet met.


Book review: The Year that Changed Everything by Cathy Kelly


I’ve read many of Cathy Kelly’s books and I think this is one of my favourites.

The story is about 3 women having a milestone birthday.

Ginger is turning 30 and her birthday coincides with her best friend’s wedding.  She is convinced that the evening will be memorable and it is….but for the wrong reasons.

Sam is 40 and about to have a baby.  When she goes into labour on her birthday her fears about motherhood surface.  Her mother and her are not close and she worries that she’ll end up being just as detached and unsupportive to her own child.

Callie is 50 and she is having a huge birthday party which is brought to a halt by unexpected visitors who bring shocking news.  The life she has lived is suddenly thrown into chaos as she realises that things are not what they seem.

I loved this book and highly recommend it as a light and enjoyable read.  The 3 characters are woman at completely different stages of their lives and the book starts on the day of their birthdays.  Callie and Ginger find out something shocking that they were not expecting and Sam goes into labour.  The story then backtracks to a month before their birthdays and then moves swiftly along post birthday.  It is cleverly written and readers will warm up to the characters from the start.

As the year goes by each character grows and learns things about themselves that they wouldn’t have known a year before.  There is heartbreak, shocks and disappointments but also joy and hope with each chapter and each women learns that she is stronger than she realised.

Another fun read by Cathy Kelly!


Weekend vibes

New pic

Greetings Friday!  So glad you’ve arrived!  This week wasn’t too busy but I didn’t find my way to gym at all.  I did cycle for over 2 hours on the weekend so I’m not going to feel bad.  I just wish I didn’t blame the cold weather for skipping gym so often!

Had a fabulous date night with hubby on Tuesday evening – we had planned to go for a run but he suggested dinner out and dinner clearly won!  I put more meal planning in this week – healthier lunches and dinners and this morning the scale registered this.  I’m trying to eat less meat and without even trying had a couple of vegetarian days.

Fridays are extra cool as there is a link up with the fabulous Peaceful Posse.  Lindsay http://theflynnigans.com/ Charlotte http://mypixieblog.com/ and Beth    http://coffeeuntilcocktailsblog.com/ host this amazing Friday link up called What’s up weekend?  Bloggers share their gratitude lists and it is awesome to read about what made fellow bloggers smile the past few days.

My list this week:

  • Going to Langebaan on Saturday and enjoying brunch at Ginja Beanz.  They make the best tramezzinis I’ve ever had.  Seriously.
  • Cycling 40 km’s afterwards! Longest cycle I’ve done so far – felt quite proud.
  • When Mark surprises me with my favourite frozen yoghurt.  Currently that flavour is Turkish Delight and it is delicious.  Yes even in winter I love frozen yoghurt.
  • Having more rain this week.
  • Spontaneous date night on Tuesday.
  • Clean home – funny how polished surfaces and sparkling clean bathrooms just put me in a good mood!
  • Ended work an hour early yesterday and it was great to beat traffic, get home early, have a shower and get under blankets on the couch to watch a movie.
  • Fresh bedding – slept so wonderfully last night. Had an early night and it makes such a difference.
  • Reading a brilliant book my Aunt lent me. “Silent Voices” by Ann Cleeves.  Couldn’t put it down – I found the main character awesome and I want to find other books featuring her.  There is also a also a program on TV called “Vera” based on these books which I look forward to watching.
  • Learning so much from “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.  I’m just on chapter 3 but there is so much to take in and I’m nodding along to alot.  Overthinking and the inability to live in the moment is an issue for so many.  I don’t know what took me so long to read this.  I remember Divya  http://eatteachblog.com/mindfulness-and-productivity/ mentioning this on her blog recently and I’m grateful that I read her post.  Thank you Divya 🙂

This weekend is going to be a fun one.  We are off to photograph the Quiver Trees tomorrow in hopefully better weather.  Hoping for a long cycle on Sunday – also weather dependent.  Then a late lunch at Cattle Baron afterwards.  Housework and laundry are sorted for the moment so no chores this weekend – just fun and relaxing to be had.

What about you?  What is on your gratitude list this week?  Anything exciting planned for the weekend?


If we met for coffee


I always enjoy these sorts of posts which Lecy https://asimplergrace.blogspot.co.za/ does.  And Beth http://coffeeuntilcocktailsblog.com/ recently did one too.

Basically one writes about what they would discuss if they met a friend for coffee.  Any thoughts or concerns are shared and it is an enjoyable way to open up about what is on your mind.

If we met for coffee I’d tell you that I’m so grateful for the rain we have been getting.  The water situation is really worrying and watching every drop we use during the day is tiring.

I’d tell you that I’m trying very hard to get fit and not use the cold weather as an excuse to skip gym.  I’ve been cycling lately and enjoy it.  I rode 40 km’s the other day and shocked myself because I was so certain I didn’t have the energy.

I’d share with you that my germ aversion is very much there at the moment and is causing me to feel stressed.  We all have things we like to avoid but unlike my phobia of heights and snakes, avoiding germs is tricky.  I get very irritated when sick people don’t just stay home and recover – I find it disrespectful that FOMO for a party/dinner/get together is more important to them than other people’s health.  Also being sympathetic is not always my first thought – I hope I don’t catch anything or better keep my distance – is more likely what I’m thinking when someone is ill and drags themself to the office or to a get together.  Also coughing without putting your hand in front of your mouth is disgusting and I find it extremely selfish.

As we enjoy our coffee I’ll admit that I think I’m becoming more of an introvert as I get older.  I also don’t have time for drama and I am avoiding people who like to stir and cause trouble because life is too short.  Being an introvert means that I don’t appreciate people forcing their way into my personal space and I despise having my hair touched and stroked by people who think I’m a human version of their cat.

After we finish drinking and get the bill, I’ll tell you how much I love My Kitchen Rules Australia and how I cannot wait the next season of the South African My Kitchen Rules to start.  I’m no chef but I enjoy cooking shows.

We’ll say goodbye and arrange to meet up for another coffee and catch up soon.


Winter bucket list


I’m not the biggest fan of winter but at 35 I need to accept it arrives each year and I need to make the most of it.  So I compiled a bucket list of things to warm up the next few months.

  • Go back to the Quiver trees.  We went the weekend before last and it was amazing.  Now we want to go back and spend more time there – hopefully the weather will be better with a bit more sun.
  • Have a weekend in Wilderness. Was there for Easter and it seems so long ago.  I love that place.
  • Visit the market in Wilderness again
  • Continue going to gym – winter is not an excuse!
  • Cycle 45 km’s and increase speed from previous cycle
  • Go to a class offered by the gym instead of only using the treadmill
  • Do a proper winter shop. Stock up on spencers and thick stockings.  Actually make a list so I don’t return with a pair of sandals on sale.
  • Make soup from scratch
  • Read both “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle or “The life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo and put into practice
  • Keep up with my book goals – I’m aiming to have read 40 by the end of the year
  • Try a new recipe – savoury or sweet
  • Say no to things that don’t interest hubby and I.  Our weekends are precious and I’m putting us first.

Do you have a seasonal bucket list?  If so, what is on it?


Friday gratitude

New pic

Well hello Friday – you certainly took your time.

This week was a long one and I didn’t get to gym as often as I’d have liked to but I cut down on junk food, ate out less and did meal planning which once I got into was actually easy.

My gratitude list for this week includes:

  • Finally found shoes for cycling!  Found a pair by Giro and they are so comfortable.  They are not clip ons – I’m not ready to try those just yet.
  • Sushi for dinner on Friday night.  It was a great start to the weekend.
  • Visiting the Northern Cape on Saturday – seeing the Quiver trees was absolutely amazing.  Well worth the early start and long drive (total km’s travelled was over 500).

Pic 01

Pic 1

Pic 03

pic 04

  • Relaxed Sunday – did a bit of housework and went to gym
  • Going for a run after work on Tuesday and being so glad I did it afterwards
  • Fresh fruit with plain yoghurt
  • The cold weather hasn’t quite started and we had a lovely Wednesday evening, sitting on the bench outside in our garden
  • Red cappucchino at lunchtime yesterday
  • Healthy dinners from Sunday to last night
  • Getting lost in a book.  Currently reading “Silent Voices” by Ann Cleeves and cannot put it down.

I was hoping to go for a cycle tomorrow but other than that we have no plans and I love weekends where anything is possible but nothing is scheduled.  We are thinking of lunch somewhere nice on Sunday or a brunch – we’ll see 🙂