Coffee date


I’m linking up for a monthly coffee date with Lecy

If we met for coffee, I’d choose a place that has a choice of desserts that we can enjoy during our catch up.  I feel like a chocolate muffin and a cappuccino, how about you?

If we met for coffee, I’d tell you that this weather is so strange but I’m not complaining.  We are supposed to be having our summer but the temperatures have been really cool and we’ve been getting rain (also a blessing).  I did the whole wardrobe switch around ages ago and yet I’m still wearing cardigans and tights occasionally to work.  Today I had the heater on haha!

I’d ask you how your weekend was.  Mine was lovely, we went to Hermanus after work on Friday and had a wonderful time.  It rained a lot but we made the most of it and returned to Cape Town feeling relaxed.  The Million Dollar Golf Challenge was on at Sun City and we enjoyed watching it and thinking of our visit there last month.

As our drinks arrive, I’d tell you that 2020 is around the corner and I’m still deciding on my OLW (One Little Word) for the year.  I have plans for a few changes in the new year.  Looking at my circle and making some changes going forward.  Making time for healthy friendships and letting go of those that no longer bring joy.  Sounds pretty simple but (I’ve said this before), there are some people in ones life that you cannot cut ties with.  You’ll see them many times going forward and sometimes limiting contact is all one can hope for.

I’m sure there are many in a similar position.  So along with limiting contact, there is also editing to be practiced (when forced to run into these folk).  Editing the pointless comments.  I.e having to hear something completely unnecessary/negative/condescending, mentally tossing comment into bin, zoning out of inane conversation.  Repeating until encounter is over.

Life is just too short.  This year I realized (yet again) that there are people in my life who simply cannot be happy for me.  And that is their choice.  Making stupid comments every time I’m excited or happy about something or looking forward to a getaway or just going for a haircut.  I don’t need that in my life.  The happiness vampires.  The vacation vultures.  The energy thieves.  Seriously, enough is enough.

Honestly, this topic deserves an entire blog post on its own but I keep deleting instead of publishing in case it gets discovered.  Although self centred people are usually too busy dragging those around them down to actually read a blog post.  So maybe I will post it sometime 😉

We’d get our snacks and I’d ask you what your plans are for the festive season.  We are exchanging very few gifts – so much easier this way.  My days of rushing around doing Christmas shopping and then having to drop off gifts to various family members and friends (for some reason all the driving around was always up to us) is not something I miss.

I’m looking forward to a quiet and calm festive season.  I want to take my time decorating, buying thoughtful gifts and just soaking up the season while remembering the true reason behind Christmas.  It is too easy to get caught up in the commercial side of what is a very special time.

We’d finish our coffee and muffins, say goodbye and arrange to meet up again next month.




4 Comments on “Coffee date

  1. A chocolate muffin sounds delicious right now. I’m glad to hear that you guys are getting rain. It sounds like it’s long overdue. I think I’ve decided on my OLW. It’s one that kept coming back to me again and again over the last few months and it’s certainly in line with what I need in my life right now. Can’t wait to hear what you end up choosing. It’s really tough to cut ties with those people who aren’t good for us. I hope you are able to find some peace in those relationships in the coming year. I’m so with you on wanting to take the holidays slow and enjoy the reason behind it. It’s become so commercialized and all about how much money you’re spending on people and I don’t like that at all. It’s nice to just enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. I’m so happy you were able to join the coffee date this month, sweet friend. Hope to see you again next time! 🙂


    • Thanks Lecy – we are always SO grateful for rain. I look forward to hearing about your OLW – I’m finalising mine – going between two and then also reconsidering re-using an old one. Cannot make my mind up!
      Cutting ties is sometimes just not possible so I’m focusing on limiting contact and then just mentally dumping every negative thing said. In one ear and out the other. Some people couldn’t be less friend material if they tried and just get off on drama or upsetting people. No time for that!
      Always lovely joining in on these coffee chats and I look forward to next month.


  2. Every time I read these coffee date posts I get so sad that I live so far from some of my bloggy friends. But I love them all the same because they are a wonderful way to catch up, even if only to virtually cheers you!!

    Also a chocolate muffin sounds delicious, thank you.

    I really need to read this post of yours with these energy/blood-sucking vampire vulture friendships. I’ve had them in my life, too, and you know what? Cutting ties, while so difficult in the moment, has been extraordinarily liberating. That said, I know it’s easier with some than others (I.E. family). You must direct me to this post when it makes its way into your published folder on your blog 😊 I’d love to read it!

    I’m planning on going simple this year for the holidays and hope to spend a lot of time on Etsy. Hope you are enjoying the season, my friend!! Xoxo


    • Charlotte I feel exactly the same way! Distance sucks but I’m so grateful we have our blogs and can share in a virtual catch up.

      I seem to attract energy vampires and then of course there are people in your life you cannot avoid completely (but can limit contact with). I typed up, saved, deleted and started again on a post about this so many times. Will definitely let you know if I eventually post it. I just find some people CANNOT be happy for others and it is a really shitty trait to have.

      I hope that your festive season so far has been wonderful. xoxo


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