Currently: November


Drinking:  Tea and lots of it.  Have had 2 really bad nights sleep.  I swear since Monday it is like my body has forgotten how to sleep.  And I love my sleep.  Might need to swap this tea for a coffee so I stay awake today.

Eating:  Lots of sweet potato mash.  Going through a real sweet potato phase right now.

Wearing:  Long sleeves in November!  This is our summer by the way.  The weather just hasn’t gotten the memo yet.  So I’m in a cardigan and pants today.  Sandals to show my feet are celebrating summer…..

Watching:  Modern Family, The Connors, 4 weddings and a funeral (only seen a few minutes so far), Coronation street, Househunters International, The Rookie.

Reading:  The missing wife by Sheila O’Flanagan

Wishing:  It was the weekend already.  This week is going so slowly.

Looking forward to:  a work lunch tomorrow and a nice early start to the weekend!  Some fun up the Overberg this weekend.  A shopping day with a friend the following weekend.  Putting up the tree the weekend after.

Pondering:  my OLW for 2020.  2019 was Adventure and I feel I did it justice so far.  Flew 3 times this year, once to a brand new place.  Did loads of weekends away, tried new resturants, recipes and wine.

Accepting:  that one cannot always cut of all contact with negative folk or those people in your life that cannot be happy for you, but you can LIMIT the contact with them.  Being proactive in this area of my life.


10 Comments on “Currently: November

  1. I love sleep, but I don’t always sleep well and it’s so annoying!!
    It sounds like you really lived up to your OLW for the year: lots of Adventure! I don’t know if I’ll choose a word for 2020 or not; I need to think about it more.



  2. That last point you made—this is so very true. It’s like how they say you can’t control how someone reacts but you can always choose how you respond. And sweet potato mash sounds really good and that book?! I know nothing but I’m intrigued by the title 🙂 hope you have a great weekend!!


    • It has taken me a while to learn this. In the past I’d let someone’s crappy mood or issues ruin my mood or my day and it just isn’t worth it. There might come a time when I see alot less of these happiness vampires but until then, limiting contact is key.

      This is the first book I’m reading by Sheila O’Flanagan and it is good!


  3. I feel like you could be writing this from where I am, cold and sweaters, what is going on, lady?!?!? I hope that your sleep has improved…. I’ve been up since 4:30 am because I had to hop on a 6 am train and I fear that by this afternoon, I’ll be holding my eyes open with toothpicks. HAHAHA

    Can I just say that it’s adorable you like Coronation Street? My mom and step dad (a Brit) watch is religiously. I used to but haven’t in years and I don’t think I’d know half of the characters now. LOL

    Yep, you’re right, sometimes you can’t cut out the negative completely but you can certainly limit yourself and take them in small doses, as painful and frustrating as it may be.



    • I have no idea what is up with our weather haha! It seems to be slowly warming up this morning (I’m wearing sandals so getting into summer gradually) 🙂
      Oh my goodness that is an early start! 4:30am – hope that you had a good day and were still awake by the afternoon!
      I love Coronation Street. It is amazing how quickly I got into the series and caught up on what is happening.


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