Monday musings


Growing up I loathed Mondays.  It meant the weekend was over.  That there was 5 days of school ahead.  Studying for tests and exams.  Homework.

You get the picture.

I always vowed that I wouldn’t detest Mondays as an adult.  That Monday wouldn’t be so MEH.

I’ve found the key to easing into the week is to do some preparation on a Sunday.  I’ll be honest when I woke up yesterday morning I was tempted to have a lazy day.

After a breakfast consisting of milktart, the day looked like it was going the chilled/lazy route.

You can stop making that face Cheryl, this is my blog and I’ll eat cake for breakfast if I want to.

Sitting in our jim jams getting comfy on the couch, I thought about the to-do list that was not going anywhere.  I pondered the busy week ahead and had that ‘now or never’ feeling.

Cleaning our home (thank goodness hubby always helps) was a workout but we still made time for gym.  I got on top of the laundry, I found some Househunters International and ironed my way through a few episodes.  Tidied our cupboards and we ended the evening with a delicious dinner, hubby made.  I even had time to write out a grocery list and think about meal planning for this week.

This morning we woke up to a clean home, empty laundry basket and a sense of calm.  Busy week ahead but less on the old to-do list makes the world of difference.  A kick ass workout means I’m more motivated to go to gym after work.  I feel like I’ve got a headstart of my weekly goals and it is well worth putting the time in, on a Sunday.

Because the benefits on a Monday speak for themselves.

What about you?  Do you have a weekly routine to combat Monday mayhem?


2 Comments on “Monday musings

  1. Mondays can be hard, but I really try to change my attitude about them. Morning coffee helps 😉 (and I love your routine to prepare for the week and start Monday with a clean slate!)
    P.S. Love the giraffe picture 🙂


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