Friday gratitude

Hooray!  Friday is here.  It was a short week for us as Tuesday was a public holiday.

New pic

Fridays mean linking up with Lindsay Charlotte and Beth  with my list of things that made me smile during the past week.  So my recap for the week includes:

  • Breakfast at Ginja Beanz in Langebaan on Saturday.  Had a fun day trip up the West Coast and Mark got the most amazing sunrise photo.
  • Spa pampering – had a relaxing pedicure at my favourite spa.
  • Dinner with Mark’s parents on Monday.  Food was quite disappointing but the company was good.  As hubby joked on the way home “what time is supper?”  I’m all for portion control but not when paying a silly price at a restaurant and my main looks like a side dish.
  • Tuesday was a public holiday so it meant a lie in, lots of tea, relaxed brunch, a long drive and 5km run at the gym.
  • Eating healthy dinners and incorporating more and more vegetables into our meals.
  • Getting to work from home a couple of days this week.
  • Got my gym goal for the week even though it meant 3 intense workouts, 3 days in a row.
  • Grocery shopping is done for the weekend.  Anyone else dislike grocery shopping as much as I do?  Hubby and I went to do all the shopping yesterday after gym.
  • Scented candles.  I’m always buying beautiful smelling candles and no longer just store them or keep them for special occasions.
  • Warm weather.  Going to need to do the wardrobe switch any day now.  *waves goodbye to cardigans for a few months*

I finally got around to making a hairdressing appointment so that is on tomorrow’s to-do list.  Hubby bought a new camera in the week and wants to try it out so he is super happy.  Other than that we’ll see what this weekend brings.


12 Comments on “Friday gratitude

  1. I love my wax burners but there is something about fall and burning candles that just has to happen! Yay for working from home and a short week! I used to love grocery shopping but now we just have them delivered because its one less thing we have to worry about during the weekend. Plus its free so, why not! Saves me 2 hours out of my day to hang out with my boys 🙂 . Have a great weekend!


  2. Grocery shopping is literally the worst. I’ve tried the grocery delivery services and they always seem to mess something up so alas, I will have to remain in this form of personal hell forever.


  3. Send me all your cardigans! I’m ready for cold weather, lol. I’m envious your grocery shopping is done. We’ve been slacking and doing it on weekends and I hate that it takes up a chunk of our time! Yay for working from home! That is always nice when that can work out! Hope you have a great weekend lady!


  4. I love that you pamper yourself and go to the spa as much as you do. I’m sure it is well deserved and enjoyed to bits.
    I almost cried when I read another one of your posts that you switched out all of your wardrobe and put away all the winter clothing…. as I’m pulling all of mine out. LOL. But alas, I had Barbados and it was absolutely wonderful and just what I needed, so I need not complain. 🙂

    I hate going to a restaurant and the food being less than great; we’ve gone to a few places like that before where we pretty much both say at the same time, “so where we going for some food?!” because it was just disappointing. Lovely that you had some good company though. I love that you have Mark’s parents so close by and that you guys always see them and do things with them. That’s a gift that you have such lovely in-laws.

    Hope your week has been good my dear. 😉 xoxo


    • I love spa time and go as often as I can because it is a wonderful way to incorporate self-care into my routine.
      Your Barbados pictures looked amazing! I loved reading about the turtles!

      Oh gosh that restaurant we went to….been a few times over the years but agreed that is now the last. My dinner looked like a side dish – it was actually ridiculous. If I had a restaurant or was a chef I’d be ashamed serving something so sad. I ordered the same dish at a another restaurant just the other evening and it was probably double the amount of food for about the same price! They won’t see us again thanks very much!

      Hope you are having a good week xoxo


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