Bookworm loves #1

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As a bookworm there are things that make me happy.  I thought I’d compile a list and share these things that make my heart sing one by one.  The first thing this bookworm loves?  Re-reading an enjoyable book.

Yes I know we all have a TBR list longer than we’d like to admit and yes shout out to Goodreads for keeping mine so organized!

Point is, sometimes even with a TBR list that grows each time I read reviews, I like to re-read an old favourite.

I dug out a book I read so long ago – from when I wasn’t married and was in a different job, hadn’t even met some of my close friends I have now.  The book is called Slim Chance by Jackie Rose and it is the perfect form of escapism.  The main character is self-centered and obsessed with clothes, shopping and losing weight so she can look good on her wedding day.  She is selfish, often rude and disrespectful to most people around her and just plods along in oblivion to other people’s feelings.

You cannot help but feel like an extremely well grounded adult after a few chapters.  You know she is heading for trouble, can sense it but like a horror film you can only shake your head and mutter “Don’t go there” so many times.

It brought back so many memories from the first time I read it.  I wasn’t married, still lived at home with my parents and was in a job I was unhappy in.  Going for interviews was tricky and even though I worked, paid board and covered my own expenses I doubt my parents saw me as an adult in those days.  And this book which brightened up some wintry evenings was just what I needed.  I remember finishing it one afternoon when I was off work with flu and being so sad it was over.  I had a dreadful book hangover when it ended.

It has some bad reviews, it is a lesson on how not to behave and treat people, shows how catastrophic bad decisions can be and even though I know the ending it remains entertaining.

And re-reading it so many years later as a adult with a husband I love and a job I enjoy has been a fun trip down memory lane.  Because I can still remember those evenings when I was in my early twenties and things weren’t going great and I felt a little lost.  And all it took was a book to make the day better.

So yes I do re-read books from time to time.  I’m savouring this one – remembering the young woman who read it for the first time in 2005.  I’m smiling because I’m glad she never gave up hope that things would get better and she’d be looking back in her 30’s wondering why there was ever any doubt they wouldn’t.

What about you?  Do you ever re-read books from years ago?


5 Comments on “Bookworm loves #1

  1. i just finished re-reading The Shining. I first read that back in the late 80s, then again in the mid-90s, then just before Dr. Sleep came out and now…..and just so everyone knows – it’s just as scary (and amazing) as when i first read it and i’m a 44yr old woman who was scared to reread it when home alone LOL.


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