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I’m linking up with Lecy today from for a coffee date post.

If we met for coffee, I’d suggest a quiet catch up at a restaurant on a wine farm I’ve been to a few times.  The views are so pretty and it is a such a relaxing place to chat over coffee.

I’d ask how you are and how you are enjoying the less chilly weather.  Spring is here and it is lovely – I’m still wearing my cardigans but I know I won’t be for much longer.

I’d order a cappuccino and tell you that last week I didn’t blog much and am so behind on everyone else’s.  I feel like last week got away from me but today is Monday, a new week and I’m feeling more organized.

I’d ask how your weekend was.  Ours was relaxed and I arrived at work this morning feeling chilled.  Mark got some amazing landscape photos over the weekend and one was a sunrise on Saturday morning which is one of my favorite pictures he’s taken.  In the evening we went to the beach and waited for the sunset.  Standing on the rocks, watching the waves was so relaxing and thanks to the sea air I slept for hours and woke up late Sunday morning.

I’d tell you that I beat my 5km run record yesterday – it felt really good.  I never thought I’d be a runner and the last few years as I got into exercise I’ve realized how much I enjoy it.

We’d chat about how quickly the year is going and I’d tell you I enjoyed this winter and loved the rain.

I’d ask what you are reading and if you’ve had enjoyed any page-turners.  I thoroughly enjoyed another book by Lisa Jewell called “Watching you”.  It was SO good. I need to make time to do a review soon.  I am re-reading an old book from ages ago and the first thing that I noticed was the lack of social media.  The main character has just gotten engaged and not announced it on every platform available.  She actually has to phone her best friend to tell her the news.  I’d ask if you ever re-read old books and if you enjoy them as much the second time around.

We’d finish our coffee and agree to catch up soon.  Next time you choose the place.








17 Comments on “Coffee chat

  1. This wine farm restaurant sounds like the perfect place for a chat. I’d tell you that we are just transitioning to fall here, but we still have some very hot days. Hope they end soon and some cooler weather heads my way soon. The weeks have been flying by. I, too, have gotten behind on blogging, but a Monday always feels like a fresh start. I wish I lived closer to the sea. Being near water always helps me sleep better. Great job on beating your 5K record! That’s awesome! That sounds like a fun book. I might check it out. I’m so glad you were able to join the coffee date this month, friend. Hope to see you next time! ❤


    • We are still having some chilly mornings (I’m currently sitting with the heater on LOL) but I must say I enjoy these days when it isn’t too hot but not cold. Enjoy your fall and the cooler temperatures.
      Always lovely to share in the coffee chat posts. I realized yesterday I had one day left to link up – will plan better for October 🙂


  2. I’m finishing Fix Her Up, and it’s a cute rom com book, but I’m going to start The Nanny soon and that’s a thriller that’s getting pretty good reviews so I’m excited for it.


  3. I’m glad to hear you had such a relaxing weekend! Isn’t that just the best feeling? I’d admit to you I’m in a reading slump right now and that I need to step it up. I have been spending too much time on my phone. I’ll take all of your cardigans and cold weather, send it my way. It’s steamy and warm here again.


    • I seem to have gone through a couple reading phases this year. Sometimes I get through 4 books in a month, sometimes 1 and right now I’m reading 2 that are okay but not that brilliant (I am giving benefit of the doubt that they will improve). Digging out an old book I loved over a decade ago was such fun.


    • I’m so behind on books too but every now and again I cannot resist an old favourite.
      I found the second half of Watching You sped up quickly – I didn’t mind the start because I knew something hectic was going to happen and wasn’t in a hurry (what a surprise the ending was)!!


  4. Our weather was warming up, but we’ve recently had a cold snap and it feels like winter again. September weather is unpredictable like that! Relaxed weekends are the best, especially when the relaxed feeling carries over into the week. At the moment I’m reading a historical novel by Alison Weir called Katherine of Aragon: The True Queen. I love Tudor history! Lovely to have coffee with you today!


    • September here is also unpredictable and last year I remember it being a lot colder. If you enjoy Tudor history, I’m sure you enjoyed that series all those years ago about the Tudors?
      I love when a relaxed weekend leaves me feeling chilled on a Monday morning 🙂


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