Humpday confessions


Calm down Janet, I know it is Thursday.

It has just been one of those weeks.  I’m tired, I had a weird earache (went away yesterday thankfully), I’m feeling all sorts of meh and cannot even blame pms.  Anyone else get super emotional during random times of the month?  Like everything is just SO upsetting and letting go of insignificant things is impossible.

Anyway onto humpday confessions on a Thursday:

  • Being efficient is great – good on you.  Being efficient as well as polite or at least showing something adjacent to kindness?  Even better.  Lets think about that.
  • The heat on the weekend was amazing but I’m thrilled with this cooler weather and spot of rain we got this morning.  I love the warmer months but am happy for us to first have a proper spring.
  • I wish getting a decent apology didn’t mean so much to me.  That getting one (or not) made such a difference.
  • Stationery shopping makes me so happy – it is just such an instant mood lifter.  Crap day?  Hello pretty notebook.
  • I’m just completely out of my reading routine at the moment.  Feeling meh and just uninspired and even my TBR list isn’t changing my mind.  I didn’t even do the monthly book review link up and I read such a good book (Watching you by Lisa Jewell) which I want to review soon.  Reading mojo, please return.



4 Comments on “Humpday confessions

  1. Oh, I am a sucker for apologies. Sorry, it shouldn’t be so hard and an “I am sorry” goes such a long way!

    Also: take me stationery shopping!


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