Weekly gratitude

I usually do these posts on a Friday, not a Monday afternoon but better late than never right?

New pic

I’m linking up with Lindsay http://theflynnigans.com/ Charlotte http://mypixieblog.com/ and Beth http://coffeeuntilcocktailsblog.com/  with my list of things that made me smile during the past week:

  • Celebrating the anniversary of our first date.  On Friday it was the 17 year anniversary of our very first date we had back in 2002.  And for the record I was super brave in those days and phoned to ask him out for coffee!  Best decision I ever made ❤
  • We had a great weekend in Hermanus celebrating.  The weather was perfect and so hot – felt like summer had arrived from Friday afternoon!  We drove through, did some grocery shopping, checked in, went to have nachos for dinner.  Saturday we drove through to De Hoop and saw not one but two Woodpeckers!  I adore them and got to see where they were making a nest.  We had a drink at the restaurant – it was roasting hot and we sat inside.  Drove back to Hermanus for a chilled evening.  On Sunday we went to have breakfast, then packed up and made our way home.




  • Going to gym last week and doing my best 5km run ever
  • My parents are back home after another eye op for my Dad. Even though the results weren’t all they’d hoped for, we hope and pray the Dr has good news in 6 weeks time.
  • Hamburgers for supper – we’ve been trying out different combinations and have perfected it now.
  • Clean and tidy home
  • Fresh bed linen
  • Mark doing a corporate photo shoot at his work which was very exciting
  • Doing a bit of gardening one evening after work.
  • Cooler weather predicted this week – I am ready for summer but I’d like to ease into spring a little more slowly!

Quarter end so I’ve got a super busy week ahead and better get on with it.  Might need a cup of tea before 🙂

Have a great week.


10 Comments on “Weekly gratitude

  1. Fresh sheets are the best! I am learning to love digging in the dirt now that I have a few plants that seem to live despite me and my non green thumbs. LOL . Also, happy anniversary! Have an amazing week!


  2. Sounds like a fun way to spend your dating anniversary! I’m glad I’m not the only one who still recognizes that day. Yay for doing your best 5k ever! I hope your dad gets better news about his eyes in six weeks. And I absolutely love fresh sheets!


  3. Happy Dating Anniversary! Sounds like you had a great time celebrating, and look at you being brave back then and asking him out. 😉 I hope the doctor has good news for your dad in six weeks!! It’s almost Fall here and I’m so ready for cooler weather.



  4. Fresh bed linen is the BEST. I had Matt put all new on, with our winter comforter, and it was like heaven. I forgot how much I love that comforter. Ha!


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