Happy Friday

Hello Friday!  Been a busy but good week my side.  Was off ill on Monday but back in the land of the living.  Lets just say I am SO over colds and flu right now.

Fridays mean happy vibes and gratitude lists so I’m linking up with Lindsay http://theflynnigans.com/ Charlotte http://mypixieblog.com/ and Beth http://coffeeuntilcocktailsblog.com/  with my list of things that made me smile during the week:

  • Fun in Lamberts Bay seeing the Gannets last weekend.  I will do a post soon about our stay up the West Coast.  We enjoyed our stay at Harrisons House in Langebaan –  the room was stunning and the breakfast was SO good.

Breakfast 5

Breakfast 2

  • New tumble dryer.  The previous one was getting old and taking forever to dry clothes.
  • Trying a new mint tea I bought and enjoying the refreshing taste.
  • Reading the Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty.  I am only a few pages in but enjoying it so far.
  • Doing a dry month and making healthier food choices along the way (will do a proper post on this when I’m done).
  • New cuticle oil I’ve been using after my nails were damaged having a gellish manicure removed incorrectly ages ago
  • Having the best cup of tea ever on Tuesday.  It had been a long day and hubby made me a cup after my shower.  I told him that was the best cup of tea in my history of my tea drinking.
  • Clean and tidy home.  Just lifted my spirits instantly waking up to a clean and organized home this morning and knowing we have no chores for the weekend.
  • Getting grocery shopping done last night so we can go home after work and get our weekend started.
  • Doing some creative writing this week.

We’ve got some fun planned for this weekend and I’ve got a spa appointment for tomorrow which I’m looking forward to.  Managed to get a last minute booking yesterday.

What about you?  What is on your gratitude list today?


7 Comments on “Happy Friday

  1. Oh a spa appointment sounds lovely!! I could go for one of those! I bet you are tired of cold and flu season. That time will be upon us here soon with the changing of the season coming up. I’m hoping we will all stay healthy. New appliances are the best. I remember how much better our dryer worked when we replaced it. It’s the little things sometimes, right? Hope you have a great weekend!!


    • It was super relaxing and I had a lovely pedicure so my nails are ready for spring!
      I’m so over colds and flu and sore/scratchy throats! Been a long winter healthwise!
      New appliances are great and I’m enjoying the new tumble dryer and how much better it works than the previous one!


  2. I have dryer envy. There is nothing wrong with mine, but I always have to look at them in the stores and wish I had a reason to buy a new one. Oh the joys of being an adult LOL . Sending healthy vibes your way to keep all the germs away. I hate cold and flu season. You got me craving a nice warm tea! What kind did you get?


    • I know what you mean – I never thought I’d get excited for a new appliance but I’m as happy as a clam with it!
      So far I’m feeling much better this week – hoping that sore throat and cold is finished!
      I bought a lovely mint tea which I’m finding to be very refreshing.


  3. hey love,
    I’ve had a cold from hell and allergies that just won’t go away, I feel so awful this week. Are you better? I need to get better for my trip gosh darn it!

    Tell me, in your breakfast/brunch pic, do you call the meat on your plate rashers like the Brits do? Looks delish and reminds me of 2010 and making rashers while staying with family in England. 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing more about your dry month and what you plan on for meals. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a lovely week my friend. xxooxoxox


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