Show us your books – August link up

Today, being the second Tuesday of the month I’m linking up with Steph and Jana for Show Us Your Books.

Book #1

Book 1

The wife’s shadow by Cath Weeks

The plot

Suzy and Mike appear to have it all and are the envy of their close friends.

Suzy has a successful deli she is expanding.  Mike stays at home with the kids after a work related injury.  They have a beautiful home, comfortable routine and everyone seems content.  Suzy seems to have been able to move on from the childhood trauma she has never shared.  After her mother dies, Suzy starts suspecting she is being followed. That someone is watching her and wants her to know she cannot leave the past behind.

My thoughts:

From the moment Suzy’s secret is revealed and she travels back home the book becomes a real page turner.  I did not see most of the twists and turns and the book kept me guessing up until the end.  I recommend it as an enjoyable rollercoaster and I look forward to reading more by Cath Weeks.

My Goodreads rating:  4 stars

Book #2

Book 2

Friends and liars by Kaela Colby

The plot:

Ruby has returned to her hometown to attend the funeral of one of her closest childhood friends who has taken his own life.  Danny was a friend she’d know forever along with Ally, Everett and Murphy (who she fell in love with as a teenager).  Growing up they were known as the crew and they vowed to be loyal friends forever and always be honest.  Danny has left behind 5 letters addressed to each of his friends with a secret which they never shared to the other members of their group.

They are told that they can share the envelopes or keep them to themselves however Danny leaves a warning.  He reminds them that all things done in the dark have a way of coming to light.  Ruby is terrified of revealing hers as she knows what she has kept for so long will have devastating effects.

My thoughts:

I took a while to get into this book but once I did I enjoyed it.  Ruby has been living in New York for years but returns home to say a final goodbye to a good friend.  She is shocked at the letters handed out after the funeral and will do whatever is necessary to keep her what is written in her envelope to herself.  Little do we know her secret is not quite what Danny suspected.  The book moves from present to Ruby’s teenage years and her unstable childhood while we wait to find out the 4 secrets hidden amongst the group.

My goodreads rating:  3 stars

Book #3

Book 3

The Lives we touch by Eva Woods

The plot:

Rosie and Daisy are sisters who have been estranged after a falling out.  After not speaking for months Daisy is notified that Rosie has been hit by a bus and is in a coma. She rushes to the hospital where she is told her sister has 3 days to wake up before decisions will have to be made.

Rosie is unconscious but can hear everything her family are saying as they wait for her to wake up.  She is trying to remember what happened and why she is in hospital but details seem out of reach.  She then gets a glimpse back to various memories which might help her put the pieces together.

My thoughts:

After reading “How to be Happy” by Eva Woods a few months ago I wondered if this would be as moving. And I’m pleased to confirm I was NOT disappointed!  This book is so full of feeling and had me reaching for the tissues many times!  Told from both sisters views, this is a beautiful story that shows it is never to late to start over.

I enjoyed the layout – the memories jump around to give readers insight into Rosie and Daisy’s childhood and the tragedy that turned a happy family’s lives around in an instant. Rosie’s teenage years, the decisions she made and why she self sabotages herself.  The guilt that she carries because she suspects she is to blame for ruining her family’s chance at a happy life.

Daisy is the sister who always plays it safe and has chosen sensible over fun for far too long. As she tries to get to the reasons behind her sisters accident, she learns some important things about herself as well.

A real page turner I couldn’t put down.

My goodreads rating:  4 stars

Book # 4

Book 4

Any dream will do by Debbie Macomber

The plot:

Shay made a terrible decision and paid a heavy price so she could protect her brother. Drew is grieving the loss of his wife and feels lost in his grief.  They meet and both feel this could be a chance for them to find happiness.  Unfortunately Shay’s past catches up to her and could jeapardise her future with Drew.

My thoughts: 

I’ve been a fan of Debbie’s books since I first started reading the Cedar Cove series and then the Blossom street books.  They are usually enjoyable and have sweet if predictable endings.  When I’ve been reading a few heavy books or thrillers and I need a light form of escapism, Debbie’s books are a safe bet.

The characters and writing style were a bit bland – maybe I just prefer the regulars in the Cedar Cove books?  The plot was predictable with a couple of surprises but nothing too unexpected.  Easy reading but not something I’d recommend.

My Goodreads rating:  2 stars

So 3 good books out of 4. Not bad 😊.

What about you?  Did you read anything interesting in July?


34 Comments on “Show us your books – August link up

    • My TBR list is just growing and after catching up on these posts they get even longer!
      The first 3 were really good but I cannot wait to do a review of a book I just finished (Watching You by Lisa Jewell) oh my goodness this deserves 5 stars 🙂


    • The Lives We Touch was my favourite book for July and it had some serious competition! It is a beautiful book and if you read it, I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. Keep the tissues handy – there are some really beautifully written but heartbreaking parts.


  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I feel like any of the first three would be good for reading on vacation or on the sidelines once fall sports start again.


  2. The Wife’s Shadow sounds great and right up my alley. I’m going to check that out.


  3. Ohh the wife’s shadow sounds like something I would absolutely love. Havent heard of these before but some great picks!


  4. Ooh The Lives We Touch and The Wife’s Secret sound super interesting to me! I’m going to have to add them to my reading list that is growing by the day!


  5. I can’t even remember my favorites from July but I am just now discovering Brittainy C. Cherry as an author and I am obsessed!


  6. The Wife’s Shadow and The Loves We Touch sounds so good!!! Have just added both to my Goodreads list 😊 you know I’m a sucker for a page-turner and sounds like these two are definitely up my alley. Looks like you read some amazing books last month!


  7. You read some great books! I tried a Debbie Macomber recently and wasn’t thrilled with it. It’s not my typical genre and I don’t know that I care for her writing style. Interesting you had similar thoughts.


  8. I just added the first three! They all look really good. Apparently in the US “The Lives We Touch” is called “The Inbetween Days.” I was so confused when I went to Goodreads – I don’t get why that happens. Anyway, three more to my TBR!


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