Humpday confessions


Wednesday is here so another edition of humpday confessions is in order.  Here is my list this week:

  • Of the many things in life that I just ‘don’t get’ fake is high on my list.  If someone treats you badly, is rude and disrespectful and/or makes you feel negative about yourself, then yes share your feelings with those around you.  But don’t moan for years and then fill your timeline with pics of your fake friendship/relationships.  I don’t understand why people do that.  When someone is rude and repeatedly presses all my buttons I walk away.  That person won’t be a contact on any form of social media (hell – they won’t even be a contact on my phone) because I don’t feel the need to parade an empty friendship around like an accessory.   Treat me badly?  That is your choice.  Walking away is mine.  But I seem to be very alone in this way of thinking.  Why is that?
  • Now that I’m back in my reading routine I’m flying through books and cannot wait to share what I read in July.  4 books folks – 4 BOOKS.  So much better than the solitary meh book I managed to get through in June.
  • Speaking of books I shed quite a few tears for “The lives we touch” by Eva Woods.  I cannot wait to do a review on this page turner.  Eva Woods wrote “How to be happy” and as much as I enjoyed that, I LOVED her second book more.
  •  I’m sorry My Kitchen Rules Australia season 10 is finished.  This was the 10th anniversary season and enjoyed it.  Even though some teams were really rather rude and caused bad vibes at the various instant restaurants.  I was disappointed that in a couple episodes the drama eclipsed the food.  But all in all it was very enjoyable and I look forward to the next season.
  • I need to learn how to NOT send any e-mails or texts after a super long day that is combined with a glass (or two) of wine.  Recipe for disaster.  Seriously!  Looking at my phone on Tuesday morning and just shaking my head.  Can I get a re-do for Monday?
  • I really need to get highlights again soon.  My roots are nearly at my ears and nobody is fooled with my lazy version of bel ombre.
  • Oh my goodness but I’m sad that Big Little Lies is finished.  How was that last episode??  I won’t say more in case I spoil it.
  • It gets to me that after my gran passed away and my parents and sister moved from Cape Town, nobody bothers to ask how I feel about these two big life changes.  In a space of less than a year I lost my Ouma and my parents and only sibling moved and now live far away.  The visiting falls on me and people think that since I’m adult I must just keep on plodding along happily.  I want to shout “No Cheryl, I’m NOT doing fine – I feel really low but thanks for NOT asking” occasionally.  Not everyday but definitely today.  Sometimes being an adult is difficult.

What about you, anything you’d like to share?


6 Comments on “Humpday confessions

  1. I’m sorry about that last one. Just because you’re adult, doesn’t mean it’s any easier to lose someone and have people you love move away. I’m sorry that visiting kind of falls on you too. That’s not fair.

    On a happier note, yay for reading four books! I can’t wait to hear about them. 🙂



    • It is going to be 3 years soon since my Gran had her stroke (and survived for 2 months) and I think I’ve just been feeling a bit down about it. That time (losing my gran and my parents moving) was a whirlwind – it happened in under a year. I hear people talking about their parents and siblings and it sometimes sucks that mine are so far away. Lots of people take theirs (and the fact there is no distance) for granted.

      I will blog about the 4 books soon 🙂


  2. Yes, living far away from family is very, very hard… in your case, you probably feel abandoned as your whole family moved and it wasn’t you who moved away. Why did they move (if I may ask)?


    • My Dad retired and he and my Mom had been planning a move for years. The place they stay in is beautiful – so relaxed and everyone is so friendly. When they lived in Cape Town they rarely didn’t have a house full of visitors (relatives, friends, neighbours) their doorbell never stopped ringing.
      (Growing up it drove me nuts – I refuse to have a doorbell to this day).
      They finally get time to just chill out and not entertain for hours a day and I’m happy for them but the distance isn’t easy.


  3. oh, momma. my heart breaks for you to read that last one. i’m sorry no one checks in on you–losing a grandparent and having your family move away… that’s difficult. there’s a sense of security in knowing that your family and friends are close, and when you don’t have that support network around you. well, i imagine it’s a tough thing to deal with. sending all my love to you ❤

    also big little lies. it was SO good!!! i was so proud of celeste, standing up to her MIL in court like that. can you imagine having to do something like that? She always saw her son in the best light imaginable, regardless of the horrible things he was doing to his wife. man, that got me in the feels, this show.

    also this: "Treat me badly? That is your choice. Walking away is mine. But I seem to be very alone in this way of thinking. Why is that?" is everything. i know you just saw my post on this, but i think we get to a stage/age in life where bs just doesn't fly the way it once did. anyway, hope you're having a great week, my sweet!


    • Thank you for your kind words Charlotte, distance can really be difficult. If an effort from both sides was made to visit then it would be easier but it isn’t. I see more of my in-laws as they are so close by and always up for a dinner, round of bowls or game night and over the years have gotten closer to them. People talk about their parents and how often they see them and it is like they are describing life on Mars. I cannot relate and there are times that is not easy. My poor husband has had to hear years of me complaining about the situation with my folks but I don’t think many friends actually get how low the situation has made me feel at times.

      Oh gosh I was also so proud of Celeste – Nicole Kidman was amazing in that role don’t you think? She was calm but strong and didn’t crumble under all the stress. Meryl Streep was so good in her role too – really gave an amazing performance of a scary mother-in-law.

      That sentence is something I need to remind myself of at times. When I was younger I let certain ‘friends’ walk over me. I looked away at rudeness and it was not right. When I started standing up for myself I was amazed how surprised so many people were. SO many friends I know are still putting up with shitty treatment from so-called pals. Life is too short. I cannot control how people treat me but I can walk away from a toxic person who thinks they can be rude and get away with it as a ‘friend’.


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