August goals and mantras

goals and mantras

August is here and that means the last month of winter for us.  This season has flown by – usually I prefer warm and sunny weather but I cannot complain because we needed the rain (which has been wonderful for dam levels).  Also there is a lot to be said for snuggling on the couch under blankets on cold wintry evenings.  Switching the heater on in the office when I get in and defrosting with the first cup of tea for the day.  Reading in bed with hot chocolate.  Warm jackets and pretty scarves.  I’d say I’ve embraced cold season pretty well this year.

As today is the first Monday of the month it means linking up with Lindsay Charlotte and Beth with monthly goals and mantras

My goals for July were:

  • Send more guest blogger articles to CMIYC
  • Spend more time at gym and continue going to yoga
  • Read 3 books  Read 4
  • Make time for creative writing – nope
  • Make hubby’s birthday awesome

Apart from not making enough time for yoga and creative writing, it was a good month.

August goals are:

  • Increase gym visits this month
  • Make time to do more creative writing
  • Re-organize upstairs bathroom
  • Drink more water
  • Make an appointment for some spa pampering
  • Blog 10 times and schedule more posts
  • 2 Facebook free days a week (minimum)
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Update my gratitude journal daily
  • Have an awesome long weekend

Mantras for the month:

The best advice I ever came across on concentration is:  wherever you are, be there – Jim Rohn.

Here is to a great August.


4 Comments on “August goals and mantras

  1. I’m struggling with my current book which is a huge surprise considering i’ve been waiting for it for over a year (the newest book in the red rising series, dark age).
    sometimes when i need help concentrating, i use my diffuser…nothing like a bit of orange oil and lavender to keep me focused.


  2. I love that you were successful in making Mark’s birthday awesome! That’s adorable and such a kind gesture. 🙂 I also love that you want to include Facebook free-days in your calendar. I often check Facebook only once a day and I think my mind and soul is better for it.

    I love that quote. Be there. Be present. Mindful. That’s what that says to me.

    I hope you knock all of your August goals out of the park this month. 😉



    • I enjoy Mark’s birthdays as much as my own 🙂 I love the planning and getting little surprises ready – birthdays are a huge deal to me lol!
      FB free days are essential – I swear I’m calmer and more mindful when I spend time offline.
      Thank you – I hope I manage to get to all my goals this month. How are we halfway through August already?


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