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I’m linking up with Lecy today from for a coffee date post.

If you and I met for coffee, I’d choose a quiet coffee shop with delicious scones dripping with jam and fresh cream.

After we’ve placed our orders I’d tell you that I cannot believe how quickly this year is going and how winter is actually flying.  Years ago,  I’d complain about the cold and wish spring would arrive but this year I’ve embraced the cold and (with the help of my thermal spencers and a warm new jacket) I’m enjoying the season.  Plus we need the rain so badly.  When I think of the dam levels last year this time compared to now, I’m grateful (as always) for each downpour!

Our coffee would arrive and I’d ask how you’ve been, what you’ve been up to.  If you are also finding that your energy levels are less in winter and working out takes a bit more effort!  I’d tell you that I’m making my gym time a priority this week as I’ve been feeling stressed the last few days and a good sweat session often helps with my worrying or overthinking.  There is so much in life that one cannot control and right now I’ve got a big concern which I just have to pray about.  Handing over control and trusting that what is “meant to happen will happen” is not always easy but in this case I’m literally standing back and giving it over to God to guide the way.

We’d tuck into our scones (strawberry jam is my favourite) and we’d talk about weekend plans (even though it is only Monday).  Having something to look forward to can brighten a day instantly.

I’d tell you that I’ve got my reading groove back (it went missing in June but returned after a short break!)  Funny how we go through reading cycles.

We’d finish our coffee, settle the bill and make our way into the winter sunshine.  Next time you choose the place!




10 Comments on “Coffee date

  1. I could use a good scone! I also find it hard to believe how fast the year is going. I’m glad you are finding ways to get through the colder months. I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling stressed and I hope that whatever is concerning you works out for the best. How fun that your reading group is back. I miss the book club I was a member of years ago. It was a bunch of my former coworkers and girlfriends and we had so much fun. Thanks so much for joining the coffee date this month, Anthea. Hope to see you next time! ❤


    • I love scones and haven’t made them in ages – need to change that!
      Been a stressful few days but hopefully this will pass soon. Getting my reading groove back has been great – I just went through a stage of not reading much and then not enjoying a few books. Your book club sounds fun – I keep meaning to join one but haven’t got around to it yet.


  2. I’m always up for scones with jam and cream! It’s nice to connect with another blogger who’s currently in winter, not summer. It seems like there’s too few of us! I’m really enjoying the cold weather but it never lasts long enough for me. Putting things into God’s hands and letting him take control is tricky but praying that you can be at peace with things. And yay for getting your reading groove back! Lovely to have coffee with you this month, Anthea!


    • I know! I’m so envious of all the posts on summer as I’m wearing layers to stay warm! My Mom loves winter so she is really enjoying the season. Always lovely connecting with another blogger in the same season!
      Thank you – it is a really big decision that I’m praying about and the last few days I’ve felt more at peace as we’ve been guided to a decision that was our original thought in the beginning.


  3. I always love a coffee and a catch-up! I’m definitely in another season, but love to be chilly, Heaven is wearing jeans and a jumper! Although don’t pass me too many of those scones as I’ve not worn my jeans for months and i’ll be pushing my luck to squeeze into them for sure! Gotta dash my book beckons too!
    Wren x


  4. awww, I’d absolutely love love love to meet you for a scone and a coffee right about now. That sounds so lovely ❤ Also I go through phases with my reading, too. I think it all depends on the books that I have in rotation; if I'm not really feeling them, it takes me ages to get through a book, but when it's a murder mystery, I zip through them (not sure what that says about me…) 🙂

    We're experiencing the hottest summer month I can remember in recent years, and it's hard to focus on much of anything. Unfortunately time outside has been limited (today we're reaching excessive heat levels of 107 degrees Fahrenheit) but hopefully things cool down soon! Hope you are enjoying your weekend, it's always so lovely to be here 🙂


    • When I’m not into a book then it feels like homework and I put off reading! Right now I’ve had some great ones so I’m hoping this good reading streak lasts.

      It sounds so hot by you! Hope you get some slightly cooler weather so you can enjoy outside without roasting in the hectic heat.


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