Show us your books – July link up

Today, being the second Tuesday of the month I’m linking up with Steph and Jana for Show Us Your Books.


I had a lousy reading month in June – seriously how did that happen?  The winter weather was perfect for snuggling up with books and endless cups of tea.  Not sure what went wrong but I read one book in June.

One.  Book.

I love linking up with Steph and Jana but today I feel like a badly behaved book club member who arrives late, has little to contribute to the meeting and should just sit quietly in the corner with her glass of wine.

So June’s edition of show us your books (or book in my case) is going to be swift!

Me, You and Tiramisu by Charlotte Butterfield


The plot:  

Jayne and Will have a happy and uncomplicated relationship.  Life is good and they enjoy living above Will’s deli along with Jayne’s twin sister Rachel.  Jayne is a teacher and Will is a chef who decides to start offering cooking classes in his deli after hours.  When he becomes a celebrity chef overnight he and Jayne are swept up into a new and chaotic whirlwind which puts their relationship to the test.  Are they both ready for the price of fame?

My thoughts: 

I found the whole ‘instant celebrity’ angle a bit far fetched. 

Jayne is a sweet character who works hard and is content to let others take the spotlight.  She has a difficult relationship with her mother and is always just trying to keep the peace and let things run smoothly. 

I wanted to like this book more but with each chapter I felt a little less interested.  The instant celebrity status that Will is catapulted to is overwhelming to Jayne and she bottles up her emotions a lot of the time while quietly resenting a lot about her now famous boyfriend’s life.

Not my favourite book for the month but sadly the only one I read. 

My Goodreads rating:  Two stars.


22 Comments on “Show us your books – July link up

  1. I feel like this happens to me around May. the month is just so busy that I barely have time to think, let alone read!


  2. You’re beating me by exactly one book this month, Anthea! Instant fame could happen. I could win a cheeseburger eating contest tomorrow and my whole world would turn upside down.


  3. I feel like we all have those months :/ For me, it was July 2018 to January 2019 that I was just in a reading hole lol.


  4. such a bummer about this one! i definitely have those kinds of months and it’s so frustrating when the weather outside is perfect for snuggling up with a book and you can’t find a good one.


  5. Bummer that the book turned out not to be so good. Thats frustrating for sure.


  6. Never feel like you’re not welcome at book club because of how much you read!


  7. Aww, sorry you had a rough reading month. They can’t all be winners! Hope it’s going better for you this month!


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