June recap – what is new with you?

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Each month the lovely Kirsten from http://www.seeyouinaporridge.com/ hosts a link up where bloggers can share a recap from their previous month.

June went quickly and included a trip to Giants Castle, quite a bit of rain (very grateful as always),  day trips, a long weekend and 2 girls nights out with good friends.

We had a weekend in the Drakensberg which I did a post on https://my30somethingadventures.wordpress.com/2019/06/20/weekend-in-the-drakensberg/  and it is difficult to describe just how beautiful this place is.

It was the first time we saw a Bearded Vulture which was a breathtaking experience.


The views from Giants Castle are magnificent and I cannot wait to go back.


I cannot say how much I love my K-Way jacket and how warm it was in the very cold temperatures of the Drakensberg Mountains!


We went to Langebaan for a day trip which is always enjoyable.  Had breakfast at a lovely restaurant called Ginja Beanz and I booked some pampering at Zest, my favourite spa at the Langebaan Country Estate.  I had a manicure and pedicure and floated out there.  I love a spa that makes you feel at home and Zest does this everytime.  Plus you get a cappuccino when you are finished with your treatments.

I didn’t get to do as much running as I would have liked to but I managed a few relaxing yoga sessions on weekends.

My braces came off – yay!  Gosh I won’t miss them!  Plus the appointments every 2 weeks – I feel like I spent so much time in that waiting room!  So glad to have every second Monday evening back for gym and fun stuff.

At home I decided to go shoe-free indoors.  It was very easy – we just leave our slippers at the front door (so when indoors we aren’t tramping in dirt and germs all over our home).  Maybe it is just me but I feel like the floors are cleaner and I read alot online – this seems to be popular overseas.  We changed our bedroom around and we prefer the new layout, it feels spacious and now we just need a new photo for the wall.  Hubby took a beautiful landscape photo recently which we are going to put up and it will finish the room off.

So that was my June in a nutshell.  How was yours?


21 Comments on “June recap – what is new with you?

  1. Those view are stunning!

    Most people in Germany and Switzerland take off their shoes at the door but we’re lazy so we don’t usually bother. Especially if I want to grab something I’ve forgotten and I already have my shoes on I won’t put them back on again!


    • We couldn’t get enough of the views – already planning our next trip there.

      I’ve found the whole indoor shoe debate quite interesting. I admit it is a pain at times when I forget something or have to make multiple trips from car to door but I’m getting used to it 🙂


  2. didn’t it feel super weird for a bit after your braces came off? like you don’t have teeth? that’s what i remember – always running my tongue over my teeth because they felt like they weren’t there.


  3. All in all, sounds like a successful June. Mine flew by too with my little girl turning four! FOUR!! How did that happen?!


  4. Yay for no more braces! That has to be a great feeling. I had Invisalign, but it was still great when I no longer had to wear them and the little brackets were all taken off, etc. Sounds like you had a nice June!! 🙂



  5. Yay for no braces! That is such a freeing feeling when they come off! I always have good intentions of being a “Shoe” free house but something always happens that gets in the way. At some point I hope to replace our carpet with hard wood floor so then I think it will be mandatory to be shoe free at that point!


    • I’ve got such an appreciation for all the things I couldn’t eat while I had my braces on 🙂

      I’ve been wanting to go shoe free for a while but kept putting it off. This winter has just sucked hugely with being ill and I researched the whole shoe-free movement and thought I’d give it a try. All in all it is easy once you get used to leaving slippers at the door when going out.


  6. Woohooo congrats on getting your braces off! I had lingual braces (on the back of my teeth) for almost a year and I was so ready to get them off. Enjoy teeth freedom! And your Monday evenings back!

    Those views from Giants Castle look incredible, what a lovely place to get away to!


  7. Ooh, the Drankensberg Mountains look amazing! I’ve never heard of them so I just did a google search and now it’s so on my list! I would love to get back to Africa and hit up some more countries… ❤ Hurrah for no more braces, I feel your pain!! I had them twice and it's not fun.
    I'm all for no shoes inside the house, what can I say, I'm Asian! 😉


  8. Yes, we take our shoes off at the door too… it does keep the floors cleaner (although I am still amazed how much dirt comes in LOL)

    So glad you had a good June… that your braces came off (yay) and that you had a nice getaway! 🙂


  9. those views are amazing! yay braces! so jealous. i have at least another 6 months he says. though, i don’t have to go every 2 weeks, i’m going every 4-6 weeks which isn’t so bad. but i can’t wait to get rid of them! i take my shoes off at our door but my husband walks to where his computer desk is and takes them off there and it drives me bonkers. i really feel like it makes a difference!


    • Glad you don’t have to go every 2 weeks for a check up – I found that to be such time consuming pain!

      It makes a huge difference to the floors and I found our home just felt cleaner. I did a lot of reading up beforehand and it sounded healthier so I’m glad we’ve given it a go.


  10. Congratulations on getting your braces off! It’s been several decades since I got mine off as a teenager, but I vividly remember that amazing feeling! LOVELY picture @ Giants Castle! I grew up in a shoe-free home, but married a man who didn’t and we live in a house that has an awkward entry that doesn’t really provide a place to take off shoes. It’s been a struggle and I hate the dirt and germs that are tracked in to my house. My next house WILL have a place to take off shoes by the door.


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