Friday gratitude

Hello from a very cold Cape Town!  Sun is shining but wow it is chilly at the moment.  Typing this with icy fingers while I wear layers of clothing and wonder if it is too soon to do a countdown until spring.

Been a busy but good week.  Quarter end this side so that always keeps me out of mischief and I finished up yesterday.  Last night hubby and I decided that last night we were too tired to cook so we went to a favourite restaurant and had a super chilled evening there.  Good food and drinks plus no dishes.  Yes please.

Friday means linking up with Lindsay Charlotte and Beth  with my list of what made me happy during the week:

  • Yoga on Friday evening. What a relaxing and tranquil way to start the weekend.
  • Girls night on Saturday.  Had a great evening.

Girls night 1

Girls night 2


    Breakfast at Primi over the weekend.  I love slow weekend mornings where we can linger over a cappuccino and good food.

  • New yoga clothes for winter. Less excuse to skip a workout when I’m warm!
  • Chilli biltong with a crisp glass of wine after a long day
  • Getting the perfect card for my in-laws anniversary
  • Rain and the fact the dam levels are rising.
  • Having an article I wrote about fitness published online.
  • Date night with my ❤
  • Clean and tidy home – always makes me feel instantly organized!

    It is a long weekend for us and 3 day weekends are always welcome!  I’ve got yoga tonight after work.  Need to pop onto my in-laws to drop off their anniversary present before I go.  Then tomorrow we are going up the West Coast.  I’ve got a spa appointment and my nails cannot wait.


13 Comments on “Friday gratitude

  1. It might be cool where you are but it’s starting to get warmer where I am and I’m so grateful for it. Today is a bit of a rainy day but most days this week we’ve been able to hang outside for awhile and that’s so great.


  2. Oooh a spa appointment sounds so good right about now! I feel like I haven’t had a manicure in some time so should really do something about that!

    What a lovely week you’ve had! Yay for slow weekends and dinners with friends and family time. PS: I always find that new clothing inspires me to workout more often!


    • It was so relaxing and I floated out there feeling super chilled! I chose a nail treatment with my manicure – so it looks very natural with just a shine but will hopefully strengthen my nails in time.

      Yes – new workout gear always makes me want to work out more!


  3. My best bet at girls’ night is when I take my daughters to the old ballgame! Tell me more about your winter yoga duds. I’m envisioning mittens and a tutleneck …


  4. Yoga on a Friday night sounds like the perfect way unwind after a busy week. And new yoga clothes in always a lovely addition. 🙂

    I read the article you posted and found it relevant and I enjoyed reading the information you shared. Well done and congrats love. 😉



    • It is such a great start to the weekend and helps me leave stress from the week behind. I’m supposed to tonight but there is a storm on the way so I’m looking forward to a quiet night in!

      Thank you so much for your kind words about my article!



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