May recap – what is new with you?

Today is the first Thursday of the month, which means doing a recap while I link up with the lovely Kirsten from

May started off with my Dad needing emergency eye ops.  He had 3 operations in total and was thankfully not awake for the third.  Really stressful time for my parents and the distance didn’t help matters.  Thank goodness for technology and being able to get daily updates. My parents travelled to George on my Mom’s birthday for the check up with the Dr and he has to go back in July.

We had 2 public holidays (1st and 8th) and we voted on the 8th May.  

The weather got colder and winter arrived.  I took this beautiful picture of the end of autumn

We spent a lot of time in Hermanus and had a fabulous time each time we visited one of our favourite places.


Had loads of braais which we always enjoy.

Our favourite pub closed down so we found one we hadn’t visited in years.  Coco’s has beautiful views as well as a happy hour.  Yes please.

I applied to be a guest blogger at CMIYC and was thrilled when I heard back from them.  CMIYC stands for Catch Me If You Can which is an all women’s running community in South Africa.  You can check out their website here to learn more. I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing organisation.

Reading in cold weather is great and I got through 3 books.  

My phone gave up the ghost one morning before work.  We had a super old Samsung which I used.  Not all my contacts moved and Whatsapp isn’t working so I was living in 2009 and texting everyone.  That said it has been quite (dare I say) relaxing not having my e-mails and FB on my phone.  Data saved:  SO MUCH.  

At my last orthodontist appointment I was told my braces can come off in June!  Yay!  I’ve missed popcorn SO much.  

Last week we flew to Durban and then drove to Giants Castle which was an amazing adventure and such an experience.  I will do a post early next week on our time there.  All I’ll say for now is that I cannot wait to go back.

That was my May in a nutshell 🙂  How was yours?


12 Comments on “May recap – what is new with you?

  1. Your story about your phone… LOL! While I’m at work, I have zero cellular service and my workplace (a public school) doesn’t allow unauthorized devices to access the WiFi. So, my phone, while I’m at work, is a glorified, expensive paperweight! At first, it was like being thrown back into the early 2000s, but over time I’ve adjusted and (dare I say) it is actually quite peaceful.

    Congrats on the guest blogger position and I hope your dad does well.

    Visiting from What’s New with You


    • That must have taken a while to get used to! But yes it really can be quite peaceful. I got so much done the first few days 🙂

      Thank you – we are all hoping my Dad’s eye can heal and recover 100% after all his gone through.


  2. Congrats on the guest blogger success!! Sounds like an interesting community.


  3. i am so jealous your braces can come off soon! i am not a big popcorn fan, but i just miss being able to eat anything without worrying about my teeth hurting or things getting stuck. i haven’t even had mine on for a year though, so i’m just impatient. my orthodontist confirmed it would be before my birthday in february though, yay. hope your dad is doing okay! it’s really hard being so far away during times like this.


    • I had braces years ago when I was a teenager and a few years ago a dentist removed my retainer/wire and my teeth shifted. So in January this year I went back to an orthodontist and now I’ve had the braces since January. I miss eating random things and not having to worry about it getting stuck but it has only been a few months so I’m not complaining.

      Thank you – distance can be very difficult in situations like this. Hoping that my Dad’s eye heals quickly and he doesn’t need anymore ops.


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