Humpday confessions

Wednesday so time to get some things off my chest.

  • My phone gave up the ghost last week and I had no Whatsapp, e-mail or FB.  I was able to sms so I returned to 2009 and communicated with everyone that way.  Oh and I logged onto a pc to check e-mails.  Can I just say what a peaceful day I had?  I started out feeling stressed but ended it super calm!  Loved the archaic phone for a few days.  I then locked myself out of said archaic phone so I’m currently phone free.  It feels odd.  But peaceful.
  • I finished watching season 3 of This is Us and quite frankly I was exhausted!  Felt like I had invested so much emotionally in the show so I had to keep watching.  But in all honesty this was not my favourite season.
  • I’m into the latest My Kitchen Rules Australia but wow such a lot of drama!  Speaking of cooking programmes, does anyone else feel it is essential to have dinner while watching one?
  • I have such ideas for great blog posts and get annoyed that they vanish the moment I sit down in front of my laptop!  So I’ve been making notes in a book or on my phone.  Well I did when said phone worked.
  • I’m thinking of going shoe-free indoors at home.  Lets be honest our shoes collect huge amount of germs and bacteria which we then tramp in all around the house. Not cool.  I’ve been reading up online and there is 2 very different opinions.   For and against and some comments were so angry!  What are your thoughts on this?

Well nothing too scandalous here. What about you? Any humpday confessions you’d like to share?


4 Comments on “Humpday confessions

  1. I feel like Canadians for the most part take off their shoes, whereas it seems more commonplace in the states. It’s interesting how we all live, eh? I personally think it’s gross because I know where my shoes have been. Now if I had house shoes strictly to wear indoors, maybe. I personally do not know any friends or family that wear shoes indoors, but to each his own as well. 🙂

    Are both of you on the same page? Is it a norm over on your side of the world??


    • I don’t know anyone this side who goes shoe free indoors. I’ve never been asked to take off shores when visiting someone (yet). As you say we know where our shoes have been and reading online it seems like it is so much more hygienic to go shoe-free. Some articles were very helpful – people keep a pair of slippers or indoor shoes and just leave them at the door when going out. It is something I’d like to try 🙂


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