The weekend that was

It is an overcast Monday here in Cape Town, time has flown by at the office and this past weekend feels so far away!  Friday after work, we drove through to one of our favourite places.  With winter here we got to Hermanus after dark and quickly checked in, did a rushed grocery shop and then had nachos for dinner.  Once we’d unpacked I felt the busy week evaporating and had a great evening with good food and a lot of laughs with hubby.  I find I just want to bottle that ‘Friday evening’ feeling don’t you?

Saturday morning hubby went to Arniston very early while I rolled over and went back to sleep.  Later I had tea in bed and read for a bit.  The weather was so pleasant and we took a walk after breakfast.  I did some shopping – found a jacket, top, skirt and shoes and then we went to have drinks at Cocos.  Took a slow walk back and took a few fun pics.

We watched the rugby and had a braai in the evening – I was glad it wasn’t too cold as hubby has been battling this flu for nearly 2 weeks.  Dessert was cupcakes I’d chosen at Woolies.

Sunday we slept late then made breakfast before packing up and making our way home.  We popped into the shops to get dinner and I bought a sushi platter to enjoy later.  Caught up with a couple series we’d missed last week – Bull, My Kitchen Rules Australia and then ate way too much biltong.  I don’t know why we cannot watch a cooking show without eating something!  Had dinner, watched “Night School” and fell into bed.

And now it is a new week.  I’ve got a diary full of to-do’s and reminders. Grocery shopping and I’ve got to go to the orthodontist again. But I’ll admit I’m still a little bit in weekend mode 🙂


9 Comments on “The weekend that was

  1. What in the world is biltong? I bet it’s delicious. I could Google it, but I’d rather hear it from you! (I don’t need a baking show to get the munchies – but it helps!)


  2. What an absolutely breathtaking view! We didn’t do a whole lot this weekend, but we did go see my grandparents’ graves for Memorial Day, even though it was really raining, and we got to see the sun for a hot second on Sunday. I’m hoping we have better weather soon so we can hang outside more.


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