Hello winter

Every year winter arrives and each year I have a- head-in-the-sand approach to the impending cold weather. I wait until it is really cold before packing away my summer clothes and taking out jerseys and stockings. Each year I bravely wear sandals and pretend my toes aren’t frozen, I wear dresses in drizzly weather and I pretend that winter isn’t going to happen. I get alot of odd looks and comments but it doesn’t stop me.

Of course it doesn’t stop the seasons from changing. So then I have to admit defeat, pack away the summer clothes and haul out the winter things. Put away the sandals (why are summer clothes and shoes SO much cuter than winter clothes and boots?) and find my scarves and thermal spencers.

Locate warm jim jams and the ancient pajama top I’ve got with the woolly sheep – very old (but is too comfy to throw out). The socks with owls on it. The fluffy winter gown. The grey cardigan that is so comfortable.

Winter means hot chocolate with marshmallows as a mid afternoon snack on a chilly afternoon.

It means layering up before working out and always feeling good afterwards because in winter it can feel like an effort going out in the cold after work. But I’m always glad I’ve done it afterwards and cannot wait to do it again.

It means reading for hours and not feeling like I should be out there making the most of the weather (as said weather is cold). For some reason reading indoors on a beautiful day is difficult for me!

Winter means hearty soups and comfort food. Tea tastes even better (if that is possible). It means quiet evenings under soft blankets on the couch.

It means pressing snooze in the mornings and relishing in those extra few minutes. Before the get-dressed-super-quick-frenzy.

It means putting the heater on in the mornings (before my laptop) and defrosting before the day starts at the office.

So while I always dread the change of weather I’m not going to spend all winter complaining that it is cold. I’m going to embrace the chilly season and make the most of it.

What about you? What is your favourite part about winter?


3 Comments on “Hello winter

  1. I embrace the seasons (although the changes are “milder” here than when I grew up in Germany)… I just try to remember that every season has its perks and try to enjoy them!


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