Weekly gratitude

I was feeling quite optimistic for the week on Monday – hence my bubbly post at the start of the week full of positive energy!

But this week has been a seriously long one to be honest.

Both hubby and I are battling this flu. We obviously couldn’t gym and healthy eating seemed to fly out the window along with all my good intentions.

This week just seemed to bring many reasons to practice patience.  Which was difficult and being ill means I cannot get on the treadmill and sweat my stress out.  So in a nutshell this week is not going to go down as a massive favourite but you know what?  As long as it had some good parts and I can be grateful for those moments, I’m winning. 

Fridays mean linking up with Lindsay http://theflynnigans.com/ Charlotte http://mypixieblog.com/ and Beth http://coffeeuntilcocktailsblog.com/  with my list of what made me happy this week:

  • My parents are back home after my Dad’s 3 ops on his eyes.
  • Fun weekend in Hermanus.  Left work an hour early last week and drove through.  Had a great time away – nachos for dinner on Friday, and the next day drinks at Cocos and a braai.  Pleasant weather which was great (I’ve accepted winter is here!)  We came home on Sunday afternoon feeling so relaxed.
  • New lipstick
  • A good nights sleep last night.
  • Getting back into my reading groove.  I’m reading two books at once and both are filled with suspense – real page turners!

This weekend we are taking it easy at home and focusing on getting better.  I look forward to alot of reading and tea drinking while we keep warm and get rid of this horrendous flu. No plans, nobody we have to see and just two days offline sounds so good right now.


13 Comments on “Weekly gratitude

  1. I hope you guys feel better! Sounds like a chill weekend is exactly what you need!


  2. I hope your flu goes away! That is no fun at all. Lots of tea drinking and reading books doesn’t sound so bad though! Nachos are one of my favorite dinners, we had some last night! I hope you have a restful weekend!


  3. I wish it was winter here. But I wish more that you guys were flu-free. Those weekend getaways are the most, and I’m planning take one in July, Only in the middle of the week!


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