Monday motivation

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Why is it that we are so quick to moan about Mondays? My reasons are usually:

  • The weekend is behind us, it is back to work and back into our routines
  • Mondays always seem to have a longer to-do list than other days
  • It means grocery shopping and trying to think of something healthy for dinner
  • Errands and chores which don’t always fill one with excitement.  Laundry really is a never ending story!
  • An e-mail box that seems extra full
  • Friday seems very far away

Whatever your reasons are, I suggest looking at Monday from a different perspective.  It is the beginning of a new week which makes it a start of something new.  And fresh starts can be fun. 

So while I sit here with the heater on full blast, trying to ignore another cold I’m not going to complain.  I’m going to list what I’m excited for right now:

  • Healthy dinners with lots of vegetables this week
  • Reading before bed and having early nights.
  • Working on articles to submit as a guest blogger (I’m super excited about this and have lots of ideas).
  • Wearing the new pink scarf I bought over the weekend. 
  • Using up vouchers I earned and stocking up on some random household stuff as well as a few treats for the weekend
  • Getting spreadsheets updated early so that is done and dusted until next month.
  • Watching “This is us” under a blanket on the couch with a cup of tea
  • Sorting out my gift drawer. In an attempt to be more organised I’ve got a designated gift drawer at home. Perfect for last minute gifts. Going to be honest here and admit I ate one of the presents last week. Moving on.
  • Downloading photos from the weekend. Weather was great in Hermanus.
  • Getting rid of this cold (finally!) and getting back to gym.  Treadmill withdrawal symptoms? YES.

Making a list of what you are looking forward to is so much more productive than moaning about a Monday.  And life is too short to only live for Fridays.

Here is to a great week.


6 Comments on “Monday motivation

  1. Awww i love this. You are absolutely right—we spend way too much time focused on the excitement of the weekend and Fridays. Sometimes I like having the structure of a work schedule to kick things off on a Monday, but also it’s a brand new slate for the week. This life is all about perspective and how we approach it.

    Also what are your thoughts on This Is Us this season? I still love the show and characters but I feel like it lost a bit of its spark, no?

    Hope you have a great week ahead, my friend!


    • Growing up (especially during my school days) I felt like I was always doing a countdown for the next weekend. I’m very aware of it now and make a point of slowing down and being mindful during the week.

      I love that show but season 1 was just so awesome, I think it is difficult to compete! The last episode I watched was about Beth and Randall and they are such a great couple so that episode was extra sad. I keep watching every week and hoping the season one spark will return 🙂

      Hope you are having a great week so far.


  2. LOVE this. It is such a great way to look at Mondays. You are right we so often look back at the weekend and kind of approach the week with dread. Things you look forward to is a much better way to look at it! I hope you get rid of your cold this week, those are just no fun!


    • Thank you Beth – I felt like I had to post something positive about Mondays and the bad rep the day gets 🙂

      This cold just won’t go away. Had flu last month, got back into my gym routine and it returns. So irritating but I’m taking it easy and hoping to get lots of rest this weekend.


  3. I love this! Mondays are definitely something I often dread, but it’s good to focus on the good. And I love that you have a gift drawer. I have a gift box, but I haven’t used it as much as I did in the past.



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