Gratitude list

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This has been quite a week and I must say I’m glad the weekend is one sleep away! Sometimes when things are stressful or life gets extra busy it is essential to take a step back and make a list of what we are grateful for. So before this afternoon gets away from me, here is my list at the moment:

  • The Dr is happy with my Dad’s eye. 3 ops in less than a week is quite something and my parents are glad to be on their way home today. I just hope and pray that my Dad’s eye heals quickly and that his recovery is smooth and as comfortable as possible. It is difficult when a loved one isn’t well. Even more so, when they live far away.
  • Planning my articles which I am going to submit as a guest blogger for CMIYC (Catch Me If You Can) which is an amazing running community for Women in South Africa. I’m so excited! More details to follow soon πŸ™‚
  • Making my fitness goal this week. I timed my workouts perfectly because as of now I’m fighting a sore throat. Wave goodbye to flu: βœ” Greet sore throat: βœ”
  • Switching summer and winter clothes. I have been putting this off. I’ve also been shivering in dresses and sandals so yesterday I organised our cupboards and now I feel ready for winter.
  • Putting a Woolies gift card to good use yesterday. Instead of buying another pair of shoes, I stocked up on some winter work clothes for hubby and I yesterday. Some shirts for hubby. A cardigan, slippers and some thermal goodies for me. Not exactly sexy but very sensible in the cold weather!


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