April recap – what is new with you? Link up

Anybody else wonder where April flew to? Well since today is the first Thursday of the month, lets do a recap while I link up with the lovely Kirsten from http://www.seeyouinaporridge.com/

A friend of mine organised a girls night one Saturday evening at a lovely restaurant with great food. We had a lot of laughs and the dessert was so good.

I had bad flu mid April and worked from home a few days so I didn’t infect everyone. Felt dreadful and had zero energy but was thankfully better by the long weekend.

Even though it is autumn we still had some amazing weather. Hubby and I celebrated Easter in Wilderness up the Garden Route and it was beautiful and warm. This pic is from Brenton-on-Sea. T-shirts and shorts weather – it was awesome.

We went to Hermanus at the end of April and had a relaxing weekend. Planned it quite spontaneously which is my favourite way to do a mini getaway.

We left work after lunch on the Friday and arrived to gorgeous weather.

The Walker Bay Extreme was taking place (this is a sports adventure festival) and we sat in one of our favourite pub restaurants watching participants.

We were so fortunate with the weather and it was like the last bit of summer.

Enjoyed an amazing braai on the Friday and Saturday evening and felt so chilled out.

We ate way too many hot cross buns and cheese. As you can see hubby likes his extra toasty.

I missed the last 2 sessions of the meditation course I signed up for due to being ill. I did more yoga (before being flattened with the flu). As always the yoga relaxed and centered me.

Had a fun games night with my in-laws one evening after work. We had cake and tea and a ton of laughs.

Hubby did some work in our upstairs bathroom. Sanding and repainting the ceiling and then re-sealing the shower.

The month ended on a stressful note. At the very end of April my parents traveled to George and my Dad had an emergency eye op. They did a biopsy and the results are not in yet. I heard that my Dad has to have another op tomorrow afternoon and it is so hard when family aren’t 5 minutes away. I just hope and pray that my Dad’s Dr can sort out his eye and that healing can begin. He has been through so much since he had a cataract op last year. Usually my parents don’t want to worry me with health issues because they know I stress out but they have kept me in the loop with my Dad’s eye issues and these ops. I’m grateful for technology which has made the distance seem a bit less the past few days.

Now we wait to see if the second op is a success.

What was your April like?


5 Comments on “April recap – what is new with you? Link up

  1. hoping for the best for your dad. i know what it’s like to have family far away and it’s so hard when something happens.
    your little getaway looks so fun and the weather looks awesome. and girls nights are always good for the soul 🙂 also, no such thing as too many hot cross buns 😉


  2. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. That has to be very stressful waiting on the results of that. I do hope that everything turns out OK for him. It has to be so hard being so far away when things like that happen. The worst.
    I hope that you were able to fully enjoy your time away though before all of that had transpired. It looks like an amazing getaway. I just want to flop on that bed. And the weather looked wonderful. Thinking of you xoxox


  3. I’ve been reading about Hot Cross Buns lately so I finally googled it. Never heard of it before. Thats the fun of surfing around blogs – you never know what you learn today. Now I want to bake some and give them a try.
    Happy Sunday to you


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