Currently loving: May

Can you believe we are nearly at the end of May! This year is flying far too quickly!

Here is my list of what I’m loving this month.

Lindt Fruit Sensation:  these are seriously addictive!  My favourite is the raspberry and cranberry and they make a lovely after-dinner treat.

Bee Essentials Remedies lotion and wash gift box from Rain: this range smells amazing and the box is adorable!

Clinique Pops:  I wear the lipstick in blushing pop and the lip gloss in wink pop. Can be worn separately but also looks great together.

Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner (Honey Treasures):  I ran out of my usual shampoo and tried this. Left my hair feeling nourished and I’ll definitely use it again.

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Scarf from Out of the Blue: We were in Hermanus and visited this lovely shop. This scarf is so soft and I love the pretty pink.

Slippers from Woolworths: These are perfect for winter and SO comfortable.

What about you? What are you loving this month?


The weekend that was

It is an overcast Monday here in Cape Town, time has flown by at the office and this past weekend feels so far away!  Friday after work, we drove through to one of our favourite places.  With winter here we got to Hermanus after dark and quickly checked in, did a rushed grocery shop and then had nachos for dinner.  Once we’d unpacked I felt the busy week evaporating and had a great evening with good food and a lot of laughs with hubby.  I find I just want to bottle that ‘Friday evening’ feeling don’t you?

Saturday morning hubby went to Arniston very early while I rolled over and went back to sleep.  Later I had tea in bed and read for a bit.  The weather was so pleasant and we took a walk after breakfast.  I did some shopping – found a jacket, top, skirt and shoes and then we went to have drinks at Cocos.  Took a slow walk back and took a few fun pics.

We watched the rugby and had a braai in the evening – I was glad it wasn’t too cold as hubby has been battling this flu for nearly 2 weeks.  Dessert was cupcakes I’d chosen at Woolies.

Sunday we slept late then made breakfast before packing up and making our way home.  We popped into the shops to get dinner and I bought a sushi platter to enjoy later.  Caught up with a couple series we’d missed last week – Bull, My Kitchen Rules Australia and then ate way too much biltong.  I don’t know why we cannot watch a cooking show without eating something!  Had dinner, watched “Night School” and fell into bed.

And now it is a new week.  I’ve got a diary full of to-do’s and reminders. Grocery shopping and I’ve got to go to the orthodontist again. But I’ll admit I’m still a little bit in weekend mode 🙂


Hello winter

Every year winter arrives and each year I have a- head-in-the-sand approach to the impending cold weather. I wait until it is really cold before packing away my summer clothes and taking out jerseys and stockings. Each year I bravely wear sandals and pretend my toes aren’t frozen, I wear dresses in drizzly weather and I pretend that winter isn’t going to happen. I get alot of odd looks and comments but it doesn’t stop me.

Of course it doesn’t stop the seasons from changing. So then I have to admit defeat, pack away the summer clothes and haul out the winter things. Put away the sandals (why are summer clothes and shoes SO much cuter than winter clothes and boots?) and find my scarves and thermal spencers.

Locate warm jim jams and the ancient pajama top I’ve got with the woolly sheep – very old (but is too comfy to throw out). The socks with owls on it. The fluffy winter gown. The grey cardigan that is so comfortable.

Winter means hot chocolate with marshmallows as a mid afternoon snack on a chilly afternoon.

It means layering up before working out and always feeling good afterwards because in winter it can feel like an effort going out in the cold after work. But I’m always glad I’ve done it afterwards and cannot wait to do it again.

It means reading for hours and not feeling like I should be out there making the most of the weather (as said weather is cold). For some reason reading indoors on a beautiful day is difficult for me!

Winter means hearty soups and comfort food. Tea tastes even better (if that is possible). It means quiet evenings under soft blankets on the couch.

It means pressing snooze in the mornings and relishing in those extra few minutes. Before the get-dressed-super-quick-frenzy.

It means putting the heater on in the mornings (before my laptop) and defrosting before the day starts at the office.

So while I always dread the change of weather I’m not going to spend all winter complaining that it is cold. I’m going to embrace the chilly season and make the most of it.

What about you? What is your favourite part about winter?


Weekly gratitude

I was feeling quite optimistic for the week on Monday – hence my bubbly post at the start of the week full of positive energy!

But this week has been a seriously long one to be honest.

Both hubby and I are battling this flu. We obviously couldn’t gym and healthy eating seemed to fly out the window along with all my good intentions.

This week just seemed to bring many reasons to practice patience.  Which was difficult and being ill means I cannot get on the treadmill and sweat my stress out.  So in a nutshell this week is not going to go down as a massive favourite but you know what?  As long as it had some good parts and I can be grateful for those moments, I’m winning. 

Fridays mean linking up with Lindsay Charlotte and Beth  with my list of what made me happy this week:

  • My parents are back home after my Dad’s 3 ops on his eyes.
  • Fun weekend in Hermanus.  Left work an hour early last week and drove through.  Had a great time away – nachos for dinner on Friday, and the next day drinks at Cocos and a braai.  Pleasant weather which was great (I’ve accepted winter is here!)  We came home on Sunday afternoon feeling so relaxed.
  • New lipstick
  • A good nights sleep last night.
  • Getting back into my reading groove.  I’m reading two books at once and both are filled with suspense – real page turners!

This weekend we are taking it easy at home and focusing on getting better.  I look forward to alot of reading and tea drinking while we keep warm and get rid of this horrendous flu. No plans, nobody we have to see and just two days offline sounds so good right now.


Monday motivation

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Why is it that we are so quick to moan about Mondays? My reasons are usually:

  • The weekend is behind us, it is back to work and back into our routines
  • Mondays always seem to have a longer to-do list than other days
  • It means grocery shopping and trying to think of something healthy for dinner
  • Errands and chores which don’t always fill one with excitement.  Laundry really is a never ending story!
  • An e-mail box that seems extra full
  • Friday seems very far away

Whatever your reasons are, I suggest looking at Monday from a different perspective.  It is the beginning of a new week which makes it a start of something new.  And fresh starts can be fun. 

So while I sit here with the heater on full blast, trying to ignore another cold I’m not going to complain.  I’m going to list what I’m excited for right now:

  • Healthy dinners with lots of vegetables this week
  • Reading before bed and having early nights.
  • Working on articles to submit as a guest blogger (I’m super excited about this and have lots of ideas).
  • Wearing the new pink scarf I bought over the weekend. 
  • Using up vouchers I earned and stocking up on some random household stuff as well as a few treats for the weekend
  • Getting spreadsheets updated early so that is done and dusted until next month.
  • Watching “This is us” under a blanket on the couch with a cup of tea
  • Sorting out my gift drawer. In an attempt to be more organised I’ve got a designated gift drawer at home. Perfect for last minute gifts. Going to be honest here and admit I ate one of the presents last week. Moving on.
  • Downloading photos from the weekend. Weather was great in Hermanus.
  • Getting rid of this cold (finally!) and getting back to gym.  Treadmill withdrawal symptoms? YES.

Making a list of what you are looking forward to is so much more productive than moaning about a Monday.  And life is too short to only live for Fridays.

Here is to a great week.


Gratitude list

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This has been quite a week and I must say I’m glad the weekend is one sleep away! Sometimes when things are stressful or life gets extra busy it is essential to take a step back and make a list of what we are grateful for. So before this afternoon gets away from me, here is my list at the moment:

  • The Dr is happy with my Dad’s eye. 3 ops in less than a week is quite something and my parents are glad to be on their way home today. I just hope and pray that my Dad’s eye heals quickly and that his recovery is smooth and as comfortable as possible. It is difficult when a loved one isn’t well. Even more so, when they live far away.
  • Planning my articles which I am going to submit as a guest blogger for CMIYC (Catch Me If You Can) which is an amazing running community for Women in South Africa. I’m so excited! More details to follow soon 🙂
  • Making my fitness goal this week. I timed my workouts perfectly because as of now I’m fighting a sore throat. Wave goodbye to flu: ✔ Greet sore throat: ✔
  • Switching summer and winter clothes. I have been putting this off. I’ve also been shivering in dresses and sandals so yesterday I organised our cupboards and now I feel ready for winter.
  • Putting a Woolies gift card to good use yesterday. Instead of buying another pair of shoes, I stocked up on some winter work clothes for hubby and I yesterday. Some shirts for hubby. A cardigan, slippers and some thermal goodies for me. Not exactly sexy but very sensible in the cold weather!


May goals and mantras

As today is the first Monday of the month it means linking up with Lindsay Charlotte and Beth with monthly goals and mantras

First let me do a recap of my April goals:

  • Continue going to yoga
  • Complete meditation course I started last month. Missed the last 2 sessions thanks to the flu.
  • Make time for good friends
  • Go for some pampering at a spa. Nope – still sitting with a gift voucher.
  • Read 2 books
  • Update blog 10 times and continue doing link ups

May goals:

  • Get back into gym routine
  • Go for some spa pampering
  • Read 3 books
  • Update blog 8 times
  • Sort study cupboard
  • Do wardrobe switch – it is winter now and I’m still wearing sandals

Mantra for the month:

“Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never forget anything that made you smile” – Audrey Hepburn

May has been quite a month so far. My Dad is having another eye op this afternoon and I’m praying all goes smoothly. I keep saying this but having family live far away is difficult.

I got some exciting news last week. I applied to be a guest blogger for an online magazine for an amazing all women running community. I’ll talk more about this soon.

Here is to a great May.


April recap – what is new with you? Link up

Anybody else wonder where April flew to? Well since today is the first Thursday of the month, lets do a recap while I link up with the lovely Kirsten from

A friend of mine organised a girls night one Saturday evening at a lovely restaurant with great food. We had a lot of laughs and the dessert was so good.

I had bad flu mid April and worked from home a few days so I didn’t infect everyone. Felt dreadful and had zero energy but was thankfully better by the long weekend.

Even though it is autumn we still had some amazing weather. Hubby and I celebrated Easter in Wilderness up the Garden Route and it was beautiful and warm. This pic is from Brenton-on-Sea. T-shirts and shorts weather – it was awesome.

We went to Hermanus at the end of April and had a relaxing weekend. Planned it quite spontaneously which is my favourite way to do a mini getaway.

We left work after lunch on the Friday and arrived to gorgeous weather.

The Walker Bay Extreme was taking place (this is a sports adventure festival) and we sat in one of our favourite pub restaurants watching participants.

We were so fortunate with the weather and it was like the last bit of summer.

Enjoyed an amazing braai on the Friday and Saturday evening and felt so chilled out.

We ate way too many hot cross buns and cheese. As you can see hubby likes his extra toasty.

I missed the last 2 sessions of the meditation course I signed up for due to being ill. I did more yoga (before being flattened with the flu). As always the yoga relaxed and centered me.

Had a fun games night with my in-laws one evening after work. We had cake and tea and a ton of laughs.

Hubby did some work in our upstairs bathroom. Sanding and repainting the ceiling and then re-sealing the shower.

The month ended on a stressful note. At the very end of April my parents traveled to George and my Dad had an emergency eye op. They did a biopsy and the results are not in yet. I heard that my Dad has to have another op tomorrow afternoon and it is so hard when family aren’t 5 minutes away. I just hope and pray that my Dad’s Dr can sort out his eye and that healing can begin. He has been through so much since he had a cataract op last year. Usually my parents don’t want to worry me with health issues because they know I stress out but they have kept me in the loop with my Dad’s eye issues and these ops. I’m grateful for technology which has made the distance seem a bit less the past few days.

Now we wait to see if the second op is a success.

What was your April like?