For the love of lists

Each Monday I plan my week.  I take a few minutes while e-mails are downloading to give some thought to the 7 days ahead and what I’d like to achieve.  Some of it is work deadlines.  Some of it is housework that I’d like to stay on top of.  I schedule which days we are going grocery shopping and any after hours appointments or get togethers.  I also plan our gym workouts, see when I can fit in a yoga session and anything else that we need to do during the week goes into my diary.

Then I finish my tea and get on with the morning, the day and eventually the week.  I love ticking things off each day.  I’m a list maker and have been ever since I discovered my love of stationery and pretty pens.

But last week when hit with the flu I had to take a step back.  I couldn’t go to gym.  I couldn’t go to yoga.  I had to cancel my meditation session on Wednesday.  I battled to stay on top of the laundry.  I barely had the energy to do anything other that switch my laptop on and work from home.  I felt like I got nothing done and my diary looked so empty!

They say we are human beings and not human doings but why do we find it so difficult to take a step back and put that list down?  As much as I enjoy my list making, it does add a sense of pressure.  If I have a week where I don’t leave a massive amounts of ticks and completed notes why do I feel that I haven’t had a productive week?  I felt super meh about not being able to gym last week (and again this week) but the truth is you can do damage if you work out when sick.  Sometimes ticking something off a list simply isn’t worth it.

So this week while I recover and take it slow I need to remind myself that list or no list, it is still a good week.  Our evenings have been pretty quiet and unrushed.  Last night instead of doing the grocery shopping we got take aways and had a lovely evening on the couch just catching up on our favourite shows. 

And just because my planner isn’t filled with ticks and everything isn’t completed doesn’t mean a week hasn’t been good. 

And I need to remember that.


6 Comments on “For the love of lists

  1. there are times i’m so busy i forget my planner and then all hell breaks loose (ie. i forget about some bills and that drives me crazy!). so i take at least 10mins to make sure my bills are in order if things are crazy.


  2. I love this post so much. I’m a list maker myself, but you’re right—sometimes ticking things off a list doesn’t make much sense, especially when your physical or mental health is suffering. I hope you are feeling better and taking care of yourself. That’s really what’s most important!


  3. I love this so, so much. I have never heard that saying about human beings instead of human doings but OMG I love it. It’s perfect. I am always, always doing stuff and trying to be productive instead of relaxing. It’s started to really take a toll on me. Thanks for the reminder. ❤


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