Easter weekend recap

Last week seemed to just go on for ages.  I was off ill on Monday with this horrible flu.  I thought it was an allergy then gave in and admitted it was a cold and then it went and had the audacity to get worse and turn into the awful flu (seriously – how rude!) 

I couldn’t stop coughing and on Tuesday I worked from home.  Came in on Wednesday and then worked from home on Thursday.  Hoped I could get rid of this by the long weekend as we had planned a trip to Wilderness up the Garden Route.  I felt better by Friday morning but packed in my various flu remedies just in case.  We left around 5:00am for our long awaited Easter weekend and arrived to stunning weather (sunny, warm with zero wind) in Wilderness.  Had breakfast at Flava and then drove to Brenton-on-Sea. 

It didn’t feel like autumn at all and we were walking around in shorts and t-shirts.  Drove back and checked into our favourite B&B Mont Fleur (it is always such a treat staying here and we always feel so welcome). 

We walked down to Cocomo which is a super relaxed restaurant with live music each evening.  Had a chilled afternoon and enjoyed some jalapeno poppers (they taste SO good) with our drinks.  Then made our way to Pomodoro which is over the road and has the best pizza I’ve ever had.  We always go to this restaurant when we are in Wilderness – the food is outstanding.

It was getting chilly when we left and walked back (grateful I packed in a warm top).  We showered and then ate chocolate and fell into bed exhausted after an early start.

Saturday the weather was a bit cooler but still beautiful.  Hubby went to take some photos at Brenton-on-Sea and I stayed in bed with a cup of tea and a book!  We had breakfast at the guesthouse and then went to the market in Sedgefield.  I bought another pretty mosaic tortoise for the garden – they actually sell the kits to decorate your own but I went with the ready-made one!  Will post a pic soon.

We had a relaxed afternoon much like on Friday and it was great.  Took a slow walk to Cocomos and had a great table next to the fireplace while we had some drinks.  Dinner at Pomodoro afterwards – like I said you cannot beat their pizza 🙂

It poured with rain after we got to our cottage while we were having tea and more chocolate.  Great timing as we would have been soaked if we were walking back.  Sunday we had a lovely lie in and then breakfast before checking out.

Made our way back to Cape Town and had take away nachos for dinner.  This weekend was about lots of good food and chocolate and next week will be about getting back to gym haha!

Monday was a quiet day.  Did some shopping in the morning, caught up on laundry and then watched movies and ate hot cross buns and chocolate most of the day!  Bliss.

It is back to work today and I’m still in weekend mode! 

What about you?  How was your Easter weekend?


12 Comments on “Easter weekend recap

  1. Sounds like you had a nice little getaway for Easter weekend! I’m craving pizza now after you talked about having it twice! It looks so delicious! I hope you are feeling better after being down with a cold/flu virus last week too!


  2. Don’t you know? Calories don’t count on vacation. (I tell myself I’m always on vacation.)

    I’m not sure I’ve ever had a hot cross bun. I need to change that.

    I love these recaps!


      • I told a woman at Target that clearance Easter candy had no calories and she wasn’t buying it. We sing about hot cross buns here but few of us probably have tasted them.

        But, I’m on board, Anthea. Yum.

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  3. Sounds like a lovely relaxed weekend getaway. We’ve spent a day in the countryside with my family., lots of food, got to meet my sisters boyfriend and perfect weather. Rest of the Weekend was just us two and lots of chilling, tv and books.


  4. What a lovely Easter getaway you had! Also you totally had me at jalapeño poppers and pizza. Two of my favorite foods! Love these photos and glad you take time to celebrate together ❤️


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