Humpday confessions

Tea and book

Today is almost like a Thursday 🙂

Still, I love a good confessions post so lets see what I have this week:

#1 This allergy/cold/flu (it got worse with each day since Sunday) has been so energy draining.  I got to work yesterday, packed up my laptop and went home.  Worked from home and it was great because I could sit in my gown, under blankets and still answer e-mails and keep on top of things.  The downside is not being able to switch off and I was still checking my inbox after 8:00pm.  All about balance I guess.

#2  I am back in the office today and didn’t put a lot of thought into my outfit.  I look like I’ve fallen out of bed and am wearing a once smart cardigan that shrunk in the wash over the years.  What seemed like a good idea when the alarm went off this morning looks completely awful in the mirror in the ladies toilets.

#3  Because of the above, I might just not leave my desk today.  Tea and coffee plus loo breaks are highly overrated.

#4  I thought about doing an Easter post about how I spent Easters growing up vs now.  But I feel I came across as quite snarky sounding and rather anti-social.  I’m glad hubby and I celebrate just the two of us because frankly Easters surrounded by family is just stressful for me.

#5  As ill as I’ve been feeling I still managed to devour a lot of Lindt chocolate on Monday night.  Even with a blocked nose and sore throat it still tasted awesome.  Roll on weekend!

Okay, nothing too awful there.  What about you?  Any humpday confessions?


13 Comments on “Humpday confessions

  1. Nothing too awful at all! Sorry to hear you’ve been not feeling so great, that is definitely no fun! I hope it gets better soon! I’m jealous of all your chocolate! I could go for some of that right now!


  2. I love a good hump day confession! I work from home as you might know, so that work/life balance is so difficult. And it’s really easy to fall into “let me just answer this email” trap, and then two hours later you’re still dealing with crap from work. Anyway I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been feeling under the weather but glad you at least were able to work from home for a day. Lol, I used to do that too—wear outfits that made sense in my head and then looked messy in person. Oh well! Also celebrating Easter with just your spouse sounds delightful. We do two holidays that weekend (also Passover) and Easter is two big meals — one with B’s family, other with mine, and it’s exhausting! I’d much rather be antisocial lol.


    • I found it really difficult to switch off last week! Kept thinking – one more e-mail as well!
      This flu really flattened me last week but thankfully I’m feeling better and just have this cough which is hanging around.
      My outfit last week was terrible – the cardigan got shrunken in the wash and just looked so untidy once I actually looked in the mirror! I just felt so awful getting dressed that all dress sense went out the window!

      I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Sounds like a busy one with celebrating the Passover and two meals for Easter.
      Growing up a huge part of Easter was family and it was the end of the world if I didn’t make time to go to church and spend time with relatives. As an adult, I’m grateful I get to choose. Putting it into a post however just sounded SO anti-social that I ended up deleting it and doing this one instead!


    • These posts are always fun to do!

      Hope you had a great Easter and that your brunch was fun. A lot of people spend Easters with family and for many years I did the same until I realized how stressful family get togethers (for me at least) actually ended up being. I really wanted to put it into a post but just couldn’t find the right words! I look back and realise I didn’t enjoy Easter growing up at all. Now as an adult it is so much better.


  3. What, your desk doesn’t have a built in loo? I feel your pain, girlfriend, although, my wardrobe fails happen more often. It’s just a product of fatherhood. Sometimes I mess around and get it right.

    I love your resolve to not let the sniffles keep you from your chocolate. You’re going to be all right. None of this has a chance to keep you down long, friend.


    • A built in loo (and kettle and mini fridge) sounds awesome. It was such a wardrobe fail – I looked in the mirror at work and just shook my head. Made my way back to my desk and just stayed there! Someone said they thought I’d gone home I was so quiet!

      I managed to put a lot of chocolate away this weekend and was still nibbling on some this morning at work! Hope you had a great weekend?

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      • My kids weren’t fond of the built-in loo idea, Anthea. So strange.

        My weekend was great, even without so much chocolate. I’ll make up for it when they mark down prices on the leftover jellybeans!

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