If we had coffee


I’m linking up with Lecy today from https://asimplergrace.blogspot.com/ for a coffee date post.

If you and I met for coffee I’d suggest a restaurant which has so many different teas and coffees to choose from and serves breakfast all day.

I’d ask how you are and tell you that I’m busy with work and even though I’ve been here for over 12 years I’m still learning new things.  Today was a great example and the time has flown as I’m making notes of a new process I’ve learnt which will save me time in the future.

I’d tell you that I’m loving the meditation course I signed up for.  Going again tonight and looking forward to learning new ways to calm my mind.  This morning I realized that I’m putting into practice my resolve to be more mindful.  I had a terrible nights sleep and was a bit cranky this morning.  Felt really meh about silly random things and then forced myself to take a step back.  I reminded myself I was in a bad mood because of lack of sleep and to put it into perspective.  It doesn’t mean this morning was going to be a bad one.  Or the day.  Or the week.  Yes, I was cranky but yes, I felt better after having a cup of tea at my desk and reading quietly for a few minutes before the day started.

I’m also trying to overthink less.  I made a comment to a friend this morning about somebody we know.  Immediately felt bad and thought I should send an explanatory e-mail about why I felt like that.  Again took a step back.  If someone gets off on bragging and treats it like a national sport I am allowed to be unimpressed and keep my distance.   Why am I feeling like I need to justify my reactions to inappropriate behavior?  The days of me justifying how I feel and finding a list of explanations are time consuming and unnecessary.

If we had coffee, I’d tell you that I am reading a book on eating for your blood type and it is SO fascinating.  For years I’ve been eating foods on the ‘avoid list’ and telling myself they are good for me.  I’m making notes as I go along and this week I changed hubby and I’s grocery list to only include foods that were on the suggested lists.  Early days (started Monday and today is Wednesday) but we’ll see.

As we finish our drinks and breakfast, we’d agree to meet again soon.  Next time you choose the place.


11 Comments on “If we had coffee

  1. Amazing how little acts of mindfulness like a cup of tea and stepping back can make such a difference to our outlook on life. I’ve never heard of eating for your blood type but it does sound interesting. Lovely to have tea with you this month!


  2. I love breakfast and that restaurant sounds good to me! I love that you’re practicing mindfulness. It’s good to be able to step back and think about why you are feeling certain things. That totally changes my perspective. I’m so interested in that book that you’re reading. I love topics like that. What’s it called? Thanks so much for joining in on the date this month, friend. Hope to see you next time!


    • Sometimes a simple habit can make a huge change and that is what I’m learning with mindfulness.
      The book is called “Eat right for your type” by Dr Peter J. D’ Adamo with Catherine Whitney. He explains the 4 blood groups and which foods are beneficial and harmful to each. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learnt since Monday and re-did our grocery list according to the lists in the book 🙂


  3. I live this, and so very much wish we lived closer so that we could actually go for a cup of coffee. And you’re right—sometimes you just need to let it out and not feel bad about how you’re feeling towards a person or situation. That’s the beauty in finding a great girlfriend who listens without judgement. I’d love to try that coffee place near you and I’d order a hot chai and I want to hear all about your meditation bc it’s something I’ve been missing in my life, too:


    • Oh my goodness Charlotte I feel the same way about you and the other lovely bloggers I’ve gotten to know over the years! Wish you were all closer! Or that travel was quicker and cheaper haha!

      Over the years I’ve let people offend and hurt and felt like I had to just accept it. Like I would be seen as offensive or wrong if I stood up for myself. Overthinking and then justifying stuff I’ve said is such a draining waste of time. My amazing Gran who I miss dearly was an overthinker (she couldn’t offend if she tried) but it must have been so exhausting for her. I often wonder if these things are hereditary.
      Meditation is such a wonderful way to relax and still your mind – I hope that you can find time to do it – it has been huge for me.


  4. Oh hello,
    I just stumbled in here for the coffee date and how fun to land in South Africa.
    The book you are reading does sound interesting and I have to give it a closer look. Never stop learning, right? Also mindfulness is so powerful and at the same time so difficult to achieve in this hectic era of life we are in.
    Lovely to had coffee with you and greetings from Germany


    • Thank you for the visit! The book I read on eating for your blood type was really interesting and I’ve been changing up my eating since.
      Mindfulness is so powerful and essential but can be so difficult to achieve some days. I’m trying to practice it more often and hoping that it will become easier as time goes by.


  5. A great quote you’ve probably heard before “Overthinking = Paralysis by Analysis” and I’ve started to recognise it in myself and try and just live in the moment a bit more…there will always be times for deeper reflection, but striking a balance can be tricky. One thing I’m realising though, the more I focus on myself (my goals, hobbies,interests etc, the less mind space I have for overthinking little things) 🤗


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