Bookworm confessions

Midweek confessions 2

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a bookworm.  I love books.  The feeling of losing yourself between chapters provides a form of daily escapism.

Sometimes I actually get book hangovers.  A book has ended and I feel a bit miserable for a day or so as I wasn’t ready for the book to be finished.

I wanted more.

I was not ready to say goodbye to the characters.

The worst is when I think there is more to a book but the last few pages are an extract to the Author’s next book.  Oh gosh – I’m not a happy bookworm in those cases.

I thought I’d list some bookworm confessions and encourage you to share some of yours too.

  1. I’m dreadful at lending out books. I get quite anxious giving out my precious books and often assume the worst (that I will never see them again)!  It irritates me when you lend something out and then have to repeatedly ask for it back.  This is stress I don’t need.
  2. I only joined Goodreads last year but better late than never.
  3. You do not want to go to the movies with me to see a book that has been made into a film.  I sit and point out every single thing that makes the book different.  I tut tut A LOT and then when the movie is finished I’ll roll my eyes and launch into a very long list of reasons why the book was better.  Don’t invite me to movies that were once books.  You have been warned.
  4. I’m a book hoarder of note.  I don’t know how to part with my books.  “I might read it again” is my mantra.
  5. I can never walk past a bookshop.  Nope!  Not possible.
  6. I love giving book gift vouchers as gifts but there is always that moment of “I wish I could keep this for myself” before I hand it over.
  7. This feeling is cured by a trip to a bookstore.
  8. I’ve never been in a bookclub. I’ve heard they are fun and keep meaning to look into it.  Wine and books?  Sign me up!
  9. Once I start a book, I have to finish it.  It pains me because even if I’ve started a book that puts me to sleep I HAVE to struggle through it to the end.
  10. When I’ve read a book but see it with a different cover and title, it really gets to me!  I got all excited for a book by an Author I adore and thought she had brought out a new one as I hadn’t seen the cover before.  Realised it was the same book I had read a while ago but with a new cover.  And changing the title?  I sometimes see that when readers review books on Goodreads.  Why does a book have two different titles?!

Your turn – what are your book loves and peeves?


6 Comments on “Bookworm confessions

  1. hahaa the book lending. i lend only to those i trust and even then, i state the rules: do not bend the spine, do not mark the pages, do not bend the page corners…basically, treat it as you would a child.


  2. I can check of a few of them. I still know the books I was lending to people and that never returned. So I’d rather not… However I started to only keep the uttermost favourites that I will read over and over. All the ones that where entertaining once will be going.
    Also I need to finish book to. I always think this could get better and then I am even more disappoint or angry when they don’t. I think there are only about 7 or 8 books I never finished.


    • I recently borrowed a book from someone and made sure I gave it back asap! I know how frustrating it is when books just don’t get returned so I read it as quickly as I could!
      I’m terrible and not being able to finish a book – I get so annoyed with myself but I find I cannot just leave it unfinished!


  3. I tend to finish books, even if I don’t like them (I always hope they redeem themselves at the end… especially when other people loved them).

    I used to be the kid that always lugged books around. I wish I could get back all that free time that I had to read back then!


    • Yes I can relate! If someone loved a book and I’m not enjoying it at all I find I HAVE to finish it to see what the fuss is about! I can never start a book and then not see it through – no matter how much I want to start a new book.
      I think I read more as an adult than when I was younger but if I don’t set aside time to read, I don’t find the time.


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