March 2019 recap – what is new with you? Link up

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Today, being the first Thursday of the month I’m linking up with the lovely Kirsten from

March seemed to go slower than February for me.  The weather is getting cooler and I had to admit this one morning when I put the heater on in the office as I was shivering in my dress (I wear my summer clothes for as long as possible in the hope that winter won’t arrive.  So far it has not worked).

We played bowls with my in-laws one evening after work, I did lots of running and more yoga classes.  I signed up for a meditation course which I started at the end of March.

We went to Langebaan one Saturday for a cycle and brunch.  Did a day trip to Hermanus and was sorry that one of our favourite restaurants for breakfast had closed.

Hubby had a photo featured at an exhibition one evening and it was wonderful to attend and see all the work on display.  I was such a proud wife ❤



I read some really good books and will review them soon.   I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 fictional books “How to be happy” by Eva Woods and “Did you see Melody” by Sophie Hannah.  Couldn’t put either down.

We treated ourselves to new goodies at home a Smeg kettle and some Le Creseut containers for tea and coffee.  Sometimes you need to spoil your kitchen with pretty things 🙂

I gave some thought to studying further – this is something that I’m looking into doing in a year or two.  I’m not saying anything until I’ve enrolled – it is a big adventure and comes with a price tag to match.  I need to know that I am 100% committed before I proceed.  Hubby is saying to go for it and has been encouraging with each step of my decision which I appreciate (so amazing to be with someone who encourages your dreams – I can never say how much this means to me).  I’ve done a few courses over the years and know that studying while working is not easy.  I have studied both through my work before and have done creative courses just for myself and both require time management and dedication.  Our evenings and weekends are precious and I need to know I’m not wasting time and money before I make the final decision.

I did some baking and realised I hadn’t baked in quite a while.  It was a relaxing start to one of our weekends, spending an evening in the kitchen and filling it with good smells. Hubby was making dinner and I was pottering around in my oven mitts filling the baking trays.  The chocolate cupcakes lasted until Sunday afternoon when we polished the last ones off and they were so good!

I had a great dinner with a friend one evening after work and I was reminded what a blessing having good friends in your life is.  I need to make more time for friends because life gets busy and before you know it, the months fly by and you hardly see each other.

And that was March in a nutshell!


10 Comments on “March 2019 recap – what is new with you? Link up

    • I really appreciate hubby’s support because studying further is a big decision! So much to consider!
      Thank you – we were so happy they chose this one for the exhibition as it is one of our favourites.
      Hope your April is a good one!


  1. It sounds like an awesome March. Congrats to your husband for getting a photo featured – thats’s awesome!


  2. so true about life flying by and all of a sudden you haven’t seen friends in months. i try and see my friends often, but like you said, time flies. all the best with deciding on what you want to do with studying, definitely something you want to be 100% committed and think about before taking a huge step. but that’s fabulous your husband is so supportive. good luck either way 🙂


    • Thank Kirsten – it is a big decision to make and I’m still weighing up the pros and cons. Thankfully I know of a few people who have studied what I’m considering and I can hopefully get some insight before taking the plunge!


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