What I read – February 2019

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Our House by Louise Candlish

Our house by Louise Candlish

Plot:  Fiona arrives home one day to find strangers moving furniture into her house.  Confused she tries to find out what is going on and learns that they have bought it.  Knowing she didn’t put her dream house on the market and has no idea who these buyers are, Fiona tries to get hold of her husband who seems to have disappeared.

My thoughts:  This book was a real page turner and there was no way I’d have guessed the ending.  It is told from both Fiona and her estranged husband Bram’s point of view in an interesting way.  There are loads of surprises along the way.

My Goodreads rating:  4 stars

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

Plot:  Nine people arrive to spend 10 days in an expensive health resort.  Looking forward to detoxing and recharging their bodies, they hand over car keys, cellphones and have their bags searched.  The owner of the retreat has prepared something very different for the guests and nobody has any idea of what lays ahead.

My thoughts:  LOVED THIS BOOK.  Took me a few chapters to get to know the 9 characters but once I did I wanted to learn more.  Each one is interesting and has a story that unfolds seamlessly with each chapter.  Told from different points of view (including the owner and 2 staff members at the resort) this was a great holiday read.

My Goodreads rating:  4 stars

The Other Woman by Laura Wilson

The Other Woman by Laura Wilson

The plot:  Each year Sophie sends out a round robin letter to family and friends.  Recently she has been getting one sent back with nasty messages.  The most recent says her husband is having an affair and is going to leave her.  Sophie plans on confronting the other woman but things go horrifically wrong.

My thoughts:  I had such high hopes for this book!  Was rather disappointed and while it was well written it just becomes a bit of an odd comedy in parts.  I really expected more from this book.

My Goodreads rating:  2 stars.


16 Comments on “What I read – February 2019

  1. I was pumped for the last one based on the plot summary, how disappointing that it didn’t live up!


  2. Our House sounds like a really good one! I enjoyed Nine Perfect Strangers, too! All the guests ended up being lovable in their own ways and I really liked that. The owner was a piece of work, though!! haha!


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