January 2019 recap – What’s New With You? Link Up

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Today I’m linking up with the lovely Kirsten from http://www.seeyouinaporridge.com/

January was a very busy month and looking back there are some things I’d have liked to do differently.  I didn’t make time for yoga and I feel that would have made a huge difference.  Didn’t meditate much which would also have put me in a calmer space.

Work was very busy, I didn’t take much leave over December (and none in January) and I feel the days at the office just got away from me.

I tried lots of new things which was great and did a post as my Word for 2019 is Adventure!  https://my30somethingadventures.wordpress.com/2019/01/31/january-adventures/  New restaurant, recipe, wine, hiking trail, gym class – I’ve made a good start with trying new things this year.

The days before my birthday last Friday were super busy and I didn’t make time to go get my nails done or have my hair trimmed.  Actually self care wasn’t a huge part of January and that wasn’t cool because I could feel I wasn’t my best self.  My birthday was amazing but as it was on the 1st February (and this is a January recap) I’ll have to save it for later 🙂

I read 3 books and enjoyed “Friend Request” by Laura Marshall the most.  I really enjoy a book that keeps you guessing throughout.

I used my new planner which I’m loving – did a review on it https://my30somethingadventures.wordpress.com/2019/01/28/keeping-it-together-2019-my-planner/

Something that I’d really like to change about myself is the ability to be less overly sensitive.  To take things less seriously.  Too care less what people think or the throw away comments they make.  To embrace the positive and focus on the negative less.  But January felt like my mind was switched on 24/7 and I struggled to just let things go.

I keep seeing quotes and posts online about letting go what doesn’t bring joy and I’m rethinking my circle at the moment.  Some friends are awesome and I love spending time with them but some friendships are now past their expiry date and it is time to move on.  I hope that doesn’t sound too harsh.  Yip back to worrying what people think!

What about you?  What is new with you?


20 Comments on “January 2019 recap – What’s New With You? Link Up

  1. I like your pick for your word of 2019! Trying out new places, especially local ones, is always tons of fun. Enjoy!


  2. ugh i totally get you on caring what people think, and unfortunately the only thing that ‘worked’ for me was my mum having a stroke. obviously out of my control, but it just made me put things into perspective and i stopped doing anything that i thought useless, including cutting out people and friendships that had expired (love that haha). obviously there’s always things you ‘have’ to do that you might not like – working, paying bills, etc – but i feel so much lighter and happier when i cut out all those things i felt like i should do or whatever. it’s easier said than done though, stopping your mind from overthinking or being over sensitive.. you just gotta constantly work at it and put yourself and your happiness first. and self care is definitely important and helpful too, so i hope you find more time for that in february.


    • I’m so sorry that your Mom had a stroke – health issues are out of our control and it is scary at times. But as you say they put things into perspective.
      I am an overthinker and have been for as long as I can remember. I call it mental gymnastics – I have a conversation with someone and then 10 minutes later (for ages) I think of all the things I should have said. I mull over nonsense in my head like it it a sport and it is not great. Knowing that it is an ongoing process I must work on (and others can relate) does help. I’m reading more and more about self care and I just need to do more often.
      I hope that February is a good month for you too.


  3. I will have to check out that Friend Request book, it sounds good! And it doesn’t sound too harsh to say some friends are past their expiration date – people are in our life for a reason a season or a lifetime and perhaps the season with these people is over. There isn’t anything wrong with that!


    • I think it is easier to declutter physical things because you can see the results instantly, but emotional baggage/hurt caused by people is difficult to shift at times because although it is felt (heavily at times) it is often invisible to others.


  4. I too need to learn to be less sensitive but it’s SO hard, is tit? I stress and sweat so much stupid/small/insignificant $hit and it’s terrible. I need to get back to the mat and to try meditating again. I’m too wound up and I feel like I’ve been a grouch for months. Sighhh. I reallyyyyyy gotta work on that. Here’s to a new month and a better one at that.



    • I find it so easy to be over sensitive. A throw away comment (that might not even be meant in a nasty way) means lots of mulling over and analyzing on my part. For what? So I can look back in years to come knowing I was a champion worrier? Ugh!
      I make overthinking a full time job (I’m sometimes amazed I have time to actually work haha).
      Anyway I’m tackling this issue now – enough is enough.
      Here is to an awesome February!


  5. I have definitely let friendships go that were past their expiration date. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it at all – some things may have been right for a particular time or situation but life changes, people change, so by nature friendships will have to change too. That’s just how it goes. My physio told me to start meditating the other week so that’s me told! New February resolution right there!


    • Thank you – I agree that people change as the years go by and friendships do fizzle out. Sometimes only one side of the friendship can see that and it can be awkward but I’ve made my decision and I’m not going to feel guilty.
      I hope you make time for meditation and have a wonderful February! I’m making it a priority too 🙂


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