Birthday weekend recap


My birthday was at the beginning of the month and I’ve been meaning to do a recap ever since.  Is everyone else finding their February fly by?

One of my favourite spots to visit is Wilderness which is up the Garden Route and it is absolutely stunning.  We drove up on the Friday morning and when we arrived had breakfast at Flava.  Drove on to Knysna before check in and walked around.



I love this verse and message ❤

Made our way back to Wilderness and checked into one of our favourite B&B’s.


We stayed in one of the cottages and they made such a fuss of my birthday.


The cottage we stayed in had a lovely deck outside which looked out onto the pool and pretty garden.


Cocomo restaurant in Wilderness is a favourite of ours to visit when we stay there.  They have live music in the evenings and the vibe is just super relaxed – you feel instantly chilled when you arrive.



Had some birthday drinks.


Some more…….


We had some poppers to snack on before dinner.


We made our way to Pomodora for dinner afterwards.  Their pizza and pasta is simply amazing and I highly recommend them for great food.  A friend suggested them years ago and now we make sure we have all our dinners there when in Wilderness.  Booking is essential because they are so popular.


The next morning at the guesthouse, this was my breakfast plate 🙂


Afterwards we went to Sedgefield and visited the market and bought some goodies.  I LOVE my mosaic tortoise and he looks great in the garden 🙂


After the market we drove on to Brenton-on-sea.



We were very fortunate with the weather which stayed sunny until just before dinner that evening.  There was some heavy rain (which when you are from Cape Town you don’t complain about) but the rest of the weekend was sunny and warm.

Had another dinner at Pomodora and made our way back to the guesthouse.

After another delicious breakfast the next morning we packed up, said goodbye to our lovely hosts and made our way back to Cape Town.

A great start to being 36!


Weekly gratitude

On Fridays I usually link up with Lindsay Charlotte and Beth with a weekly gratitude list.

This week I’m doing it on a Monday for a change.

  • I went to yoga last Monday and LOVED it.  I did find the class tougher than the last time but enjoyed it thoroughly.
  • Day trip to Langebaan – had a delicious breakfast at Ginja Beanz.  Their omelettes are so good.
  • I managed to get a last minute appointment at my favourite spa for Saturday.  Got a French Spa pedicure and it was so relaxing.
  • Clinique free gift with purchase – the bag is so cute!


  • Smarties.  Ate boxes of them this week.
  • Good books that draw you in and make it impossible to put them down.
  • Adding a bird to our lifer list (Wood Owl) they are adorable!
  • Orange Lindt chocolate
  • Going to gym after work even though it would have been easier to get on the couch with the rest of the Orange Lindt Chocolate haha!
  • Having a cup of tea now at the end of a really busy day.

Have a great week everyone.


Humpday confessions

I always love reading these sorts of posts and writing them is fun too.

Confession no. 1:  When the power went out yesterday afternoon I took out my book and read.  Couldn’t do any work.  Filing was up to date.  Hello extra reading time.

Confession no. 2:  I find Schadenfreude to be a really shitty trait and I have zero guilt from distancing myself from people who make it their hobby.  They actively enjoy anything someone is going through that isn’t bringing joy and resent anything that does.  That is not a friend.  That is someone I avoid.

Confession no. 3:  Clinique is having a free gift with purchase at one of my favourite shops and I cannot wait to go after work.

This thought has gotten me through an extremely long Wednesday.

Confession no. 4:  Last night we had such a lazy supper I’m ashamed to think how little thought, cooking and nutrition went into it.  Zero on all counts.

Confession no 5:  I wanted SO badly to love the sequel to “Firefly Lane” by Kristin Hannah.  But “Fly Away” is one of my least favourite books.  I tried – seriously I did but I have never been so happy to finish a book.  Ever.

What about you?  Anything you’d like to get off your chest?


January 2019 recap – What’s New With You? Link Up

Link up

Today I’m linking up with the lovely Kirsten from

January was a very busy month and looking back there are some things I’d have liked to do differently.  I didn’t make time for yoga and I feel that would have made a huge difference.  Didn’t meditate much which would also have put me in a calmer space.

Work was very busy, I didn’t take much leave over December (and none in January) and I feel the days at the office just got away from me.

I tried lots of new things which was great and did a post as my Word for 2019 is Adventure!  New restaurant, recipe, wine, hiking trail, gym class – I’ve made a good start with trying new things this year.

The days before my birthday last Friday were super busy and I didn’t make time to go get my nails done or have my hair trimmed.  Actually self care wasn’t a huge part of January and that wasn’t cool because I could feel I wasn’t my best self.  My birthday was amazing but as it was on the 1st February (and this is a January recap) I’ll have to save it for later 🙂

I read 3 books and enjoyed “Friend Request” by Laura Marshall the most.  I really enjoy a book that keeps you guessing throughout.

I used my new planner which I’m loving – did a review on it

Something that I’d really like to change about myself is the ability to be less overly sensitive.  To take things less seriously.  Too care less what people think or the throw away comments they make.  To embrace the positive and focus on the negative less.  But January felt like my mind was switched on 24/7 and I struggled to just let things go.

I keep seeing quotes and posts online about letting go what doesn’t bring joy and I’m rethinking my circle at the moment.  Some friends are awesome and I love spending time with them but some friendships are now past their expiry date and it is time to move on.  I hope that doesn’t sound too harsh.  Yip back to worrying what people think!

What about you?  What is new with you?


February goals and mantras

goals and mantras

And February is here!

Lets see how I did on my January goals:

  • Continue going to yoga No and I’m disappointed I didn’t make time
  • Try something new at gym  Tried a Pound class and went 3 times!
  • Update blog 10 times  Did a couple more!
  • Keep holiday feeling alive!  Less stress more laughter.  Could be better at this.
  • Read 3 books
  • Spend more time outside, less online.
  • SORT BOOKCASE  Yes at long last!  It looks great!

I’m pretty pleased with my goals overall.  The yoga would have made a huge difference to a really busy month and I should have made more time.  January had some really busy weeks and I took a days leave for my birthday so last week felt like a crazy rush.

February goals are:

  • Go to yoga as often as I can
  • Read 3 books
  • Do a birthday recap post on my blog
  • Blog 8 times
  • Organise bathroom cupboard
  • 1-2 days offline a week

Mantras for the month ahead

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with – Jim Rohn

Your circle should want to see you win.  Your circle should clap the loudest when you have good news.  If they don’t, get a new circle – unknown.