On decluttering

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In September last year I cleared out our wardrobes.  I took everything out and sorted through what we still wear and what could be donated.

There was less stuff crammed in and each time I opened the doors everything looked tidy and organized.  I could find everything with ease.  Not only that but the space created meant that I could see at a glance what I still had room for.  I could fill some of the space with new and better fitting clothes.

I did the same with the bookcase at home a few days ago.  Took all our books off the shelves, sorted out the favourites and made a pile of ones that could to go.  Now I have room for new books.

I like to moan about decluttering but honestly once I set my mind to it, I get into the process quickly and love the end result.

But what about invisible clutter?  The sort that you don’t see but feel.  Why is that so difficult to purge?

At the beginning of the month I did a digital detox.  I went through the contacts on my phone and deleted a few.  Then I logged onto Facebook and did the same.  There were a few collectors (those that collect likes and comments but never reciprocate).  I’m not saying that I expect loads of responses when I post something but don’t trawl through my photos all the time like an electronic ghost and then make sure I know you’ve done that.

It is weird.

There was one or two random ex colleagues that I actually didn’t feel like staying into contact with and I unfriended with a clear conscience.

And the feeling that I got from downsizing the list of people who can see my thoughts and photos online was amazing.  I felt as light as a feather.

I feel like I created more space on my timeline so that I can see updates from those who I’m actually interested in staying up to date with.

Life is too short for lots of things.  And having someone that is not a friend (or someone that cannot be happy for you) trawling through your photos and updates online is one of them.

What about you?  Do you find doing electronic decluttering easy or tricky?


10 Comments on “On decluttering

  1. Im awful about it. I think its because I am pretty much housebound so I love to see what everyone is up to and catch up here and there. I probably should go though and dust the cobwebs. I really need to go though my photo collection and get rid of about half of them. And don’t even get me started on decluttering emails. Ive been working on that for years LOL


  2. I love decluttering, online and at home! I have way too much crap, so I need to do it often. Online, too. Right before my youngest son was born last year, I did a mass unfriending on Facebook because I knew I’d be posting a lot of photos and personal things with the new addition. I felt much lighter!


    • It surprised me how much lighter I felt afterwards. I’ve always focused on downscaling physical clutter but online clutter is invisible and sometimes more difficult to get rid of.
      Posting personal photos and updates are great for close family and friends but not a random ex colleague or someone I went to school with and haven’t seen in 20 years.


  3. I find digital decluttering difficult for some reason, although I know that once I hit the delete button, I feel so much lighter.


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