Keeping it together 2019: my planner

Keeping it together.PNG

I’m linking up with Lauren and Alexandra today to share my 2019 planner.

I get extremely excited by planners/journals/diaries (and stationery) in general.  I’ve tried various diaries and planners over the years and am so happy with the one I chose for 2019.

image #1

I went with the Christian Art Gifts Daily Planner and I’m loving it so far.

image #2

Both this year and next are easy to view at the start.

image #3

The monthly planner is very convenient with a page for each month.  It is perfect for planning ahead.

The whole book just feels spacious which is something I love in a journal/planner/diary.

image #5

There is a section on each page for 5 priorities, a space for appointments and a reminder for calls/e-mails that need to take place.

image #4

But what I love the most is the fact that Saturday and Sunday get their OWN PAGE!  NO SHARING!  I’m so tired of having to squash a fabulous recap of a weekend into a small space.  Seriously – finally a planner that understands that!


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