Friday gratitude

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It is FRIDAY and what a week it has been.  I had to go to the Orthodontist this morning.  I had braces 22 years ago and now at the age of 35 (well for one more week!) I have braces again.

I’ll only need these for a few months versus over 2 years like back when I had them in the 90’s.

I feel SO old.

Moving on, Friday means linking up with the Peaceful Posse – Lindsay Charlotte and Beth with a weekly gratitude list.

  • Brunch at one of our favourite coffee shops on Saturday.
  • Going for a hike on Sunday – very hectic and steep hike I might add
  • Nachos afterwards
  • Going for a 4.5km run on Monday after work
  • Date night on Wednesday
  • Petunias in our garden looking so pretty
  • On target with my Goodreads challenge for this month
  • Orthodontist appointment done and dusted
  • Getting to work out of office today
  • Grocery shopping for tonight sorted out yesterday

Tomorrow we are going to do another hike – different trail hopefully!  Sunday is unplanned for now.  Maybe a cycle maybe a chilled day.  We’ll see.


17 Comments on “Friday gratitude

  1. I am SO BEHIND on my Goodreads challenge. Like… 15 books? I honest to god have no idea how I’m going to catch up! But nachos are amazing and I can get behind that.


  2. LOL nachos after the hike? That sounds like my kind of refueling! Boo to braces again. I should probably do a second round myself, but I’ve been pretty lazy about it. Oh petunias. They are so pretty! I can’t wait for spring flowers around here again. Have a great weekend!


    • I kept thinking of those nachos (and the wine that went with it) as I did the hike haha! It kept me going 🙂
      I’ve heard that it isn’t uncommon to need braces again. So glad it hasn’t been sore like the first time. Everyone keeps saying how young I look lol.


  3. You’ve been getting out there and active and I’m loving it! Maybe because it’s so cold out I forgot what fresh air smells like. I’m in and out of warm buildings and hot cars all day. I miss sunshine!!

    Mmm… I’d go hiking too if the post treat included nachos 🤣 I haven’t actually hiked in ages, but it’s so fun! Hope you are enjoying the weekend, my sweet!


    • We are making the most of the warm weather because in winter it is difficult to be as active. The hiking has been a lot of fun and I just kept thinking of the nachos when it got steep and I was tired haha!
      Hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine flew but this is a short week for me so I mustn’t complain.


  4. Look at you – being all active! That’s awesome. I had dance twice last week. I always feel it after my cardio hip hop. LOL I hope you had a really nice weekend. Yay for doing well with your reading challenge.



  5. Mmmm, nachos.
    Hey girl, good for you for going to the orthodontist. A few months isn’t that bad for the pay off.
    I’ve had braces TWICE. Once young, then they came off. I had TMJ and my jaw was starting to shift back so my wisdoms were taken out, braces back on for a year at 14 and then a year later, I had reconstructive jaw surgery. I have tons of plates, screws and I even have a titanium chin implant. 🙂

    I hope you had a great week hun! xo


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