Book review: Friend Request by Laura Marshall

book cover

Louise receives a friend request one day from an old school friend, Maria.  Louise realizes that this is impossible as (for 25 years) she has believed that Maria is dead.

Louise is haunted with guilt for something she did to Maria all those years ago at a school leaving party.  Something that only she, her ex husband and 2 other friends are aware of.  So the fact that Maria is reaching out has chilling possibilities.

Could Maria be alive?  If so is she seeking revenge?

Or is someone else out to make Louise pay for the awful thing she did to Maria?  The terrible reason behind Maria’s disappearance which Louise has tried to forget.

As sinister messages keep being sent, Louise doesn’t know who to turn to.  The secret she has kept for over 2 decades is about to be revealed and she doesn’t know if she can share it with even her closest friend Polly.

I found this book kept me guessing to the very end and the twist was not something I had predicted.

It is an enjoyable if slightly chilling book which asks the question:  Do we really ever know someone and what they are truly capable of?


8 Comments on “Book review: Friend Request by Laura Marshall

  1. This sounds like the kind of mystery I’d be into, just a hint of chilling. I need to know more! I’ll have to add this one to my list!


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