Weekly workout recap

Midweek confessions2

I’ve seen Katie from http://www.talkless-saymore.com/ blog do a weekly workout recap and thought I’d do one too.

I’m a bit obsessed with my Garmin at the moment and having fun with Strava which is a great app where I record my workouts.  2019 is the year I’m trying new things and this includes exercise.  So let me see how last week went:

Monday 14th January:

4.35 km run on the treadmill

Tuesday 15th January:

Rest day

Wednesday 16th January:

1 hour Pound class at the gym (2nd class I’ve been to – loving it so much)

Thursday 17th January:

Rest day

Friday 18th January:

Rest day  Oh alright!  It was just a downright lazy day.

Saturday 19th January:

Yoga class was pre-booked and full so I did a 4.5km run on the treadmill at the gym.

Sunday 20th January:

1 hour hike.  No I’m not putting the distance because so much was uphill that I felt like I’d been hiking for days an extremely long time and was speechless at the amount in km’s.  Not my best workout.

I will in future include my steps but last week they were not very impressive.  I really need to move around more at the office!


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