Friday happiness

New pic


What a week!  I’m in serious need of a weekend.

Has Friday ever taken so long to arrive??  I’m counting down the minutes until 4:00pm because this week has taken it out of me and I’m in need of lots of chocolate and wine.

Being Friday I’m linking up with the lovely Lindsay Charlotte and Beth with a weekly gratitude list.

  • Fun Saturday in Langebaan.  We had breakfast at Ginja Beanz, visited West Coast National Park, then stopped off in Darling for lunch on the way back.
  • Delicious donuts on Sunday.

donut cc

  • My mini orchid in the kitchen.

orchid cc

  • New bedding – been sleeping so well on new sheets and pillowcases.  Even in this heat.
  • Reading before work with a cup of tea a few mornings this week.
  • Dinner at one of our favourite restaurant on Tuesday.
  • Clean home and an empty laundry basket – feeling organized!
  • Had fun at a Pound class at gym (a workout with yoga and pilates inspired moves and drumming).  It is a lot of fun and quite a workout at the same time!
  • Grocery shopping for most of the weekend done last night so we can start our weekend as we leave the office (anyone else hate grocery shopping as much as me?)
  • Did two 4km runs this week.

This weekend I’m planning on going to another yoga class and then have brunch afterwards.  We have a day trip planned for Sunday but it is weather dependent so we’ll see.

Have a great weekend everyone!



17 Comments on “Friday happiness

  1. How do you keep your orchid looking so beautiful and healthy? I heard they were almost impossible to kill and I received one as a gift and all the buds have since fallen off 😥I have the anti-green thumb! Lol.

    Sounds as though you’ve had a lovely week, my friend. I actually enjoy going grocery shopping but hate doing it on a weekend since that’s when everyone else is in the store. Enjoy the yoga and brunch this weekend! Xo


    • I haven’t had this orchid for long so give me time lol! I have been following the instructions SO carefully as I have had a cactus die before (and that takes some doing) haha. They say 2 ice cubes in summer (once a week) and one in winter. So far so good….

      Hope you had a wonderful weekend xoxo


  2. I’m ready for the weekend, too – this week has just taken it out of me. And I’m currently eating an apple with peanut butter for breakfast and now all I want is one of those delicious donuts your photo is teasing we with!! Hope you enjoy your chocolate and wine tonight! 🙂


  3. Are those cinnamon donuts in the upper left corner? I’d pick one of those.

    I love to grocery shop, but only in small doses. I tend to go right for the frozen pizza, then let them thaw out by accident by the time I get to the cookie aisle. First world problems!


    • They are the milk tart flavor and totally delicious. Milk tart is a really popular dessert in South Africa and when we saw this flavor at Dunkin Donut we had to try it (it has been one of our favourites for a while now).

      I’m thinking if our grocery shopping included pizza then I might enjoy it more!


  4. Yes! Empty laundry basket twins! It feels good, doesn’t it? Those donuts are so cute! I bet they were delicious too! And I’m with you, I’m not much for grocery shopping either. We’ve been doing it on Sundays lately which I don’t love, but it is what it is I suppose! Anyway, the weekend is here! I hope it is lovely!


    • Donuts were SO delicious – I just had to take a photo before we ate them all because they looked so pretty.
      I find grocery shopping such a chore especially when you have to go to a few stores to get an item. Not having to go after work on Friday was great 🙂


  5. I’ve heard of those Pound classes, and I’ve always been curious. Maybe one day!! I hope that your weekend is really lovely and that the weather is good so you can go on your day trip. Those donuts from last week look SO yummy!!!



  6. I have been counting down the days! Sounds like a great week. So jealous of your orchid, I had a plastic one once and even killed that! LOL Also, those donuts are adorable and look delicious!! Have an amazing weekend 🙂


  7. Full laundry baskets will be the death of me I swear it!
    Go you for running TWO 4 ks! That is amazing woman!
    I am intimidated by orchids. I will not lie. They are so pretty but they look so delicate. Way to delicate for my “kills succulents with too much water and love” hands


    • Laundry is really a never ending chore! It was a nightmare for us with the stricter water restrictions (we are currently on 100litres per person which feels amazing compared to the 50litres last year).
      I had a cactus years ago (take note HAD – past tense) and it didn’t last well. I got back from leave one day and it had lifted out of its pot like it was trying to run away. With my “green fingers”, I don’t blame it!


  8. Mmm donuts, orchids and new/fresh sheets – you can’t beat that. 🙂
    Your running is seriously impressive girl. You go girl!
    Hope you’ve had a good week love. Xo

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