Humpday confessions

Midweek confessions 2

Confession no 1:  I’ve always been a fan of Kristin Hannah’s books and enjoyed “Firefly Lane” so much.  But I’m taking a while to get into the sequel “Fly away”.  I’m halfway through now and just not that into it.

Confession no 2:  Speaking of books – I made my Goodreads goal 35 books this year instead of 40.  I feel less pressured and less rushed already.  I love reading and feel it should be fun and enjoyable.

Confession no 3:  I still get excited for my birthday (still a couple of weeks to go).  I don’t care how old I get I still look forward to it, love planning and counting down the sleeps.  I’ve told hubby I just want to celebrate with him this year.  I’m not doing a dinner with friends or family – just want a weekend with my ❤

Confession no 4:  Season 3 of “This is us” started Monday and I haven’t watched it yet.  Don’t know why I’m dragging my feet.  Just shed so many tears watching season 1 and 2 and feel I need to be in the right mood before I get into the new season.

Confession no 5:  I had a manicure a couple weeks ago and because it was a treatment the nail polish used was clear – there was a faint hint of pale pink/lilac.  I loved the natural look and how long it lasted.  Usually I like bright and bold nail polishes – unusual for me to want subtle!  Am I getting old?

Well that is all for this week.  Not too scandalous!


12 thoughts on “Humpday confessions

  1. Dani says:

    I LOVED Firefly Lane when I read it in 2013, but still haven’t been all that motivated to pick up Fly Away. I felt the same way about my reading goal last year, which is why I set the bar low at 25. It was such a relief not feeling that pressure that I actually wound up reading 53! And I agree, I love celebrating my birthday! I always take a vacation for my bday- no dinners or parties, just a nice little getaway. Happy early birthday!


  2. Beth says:

    I’m glad to know about Fly Away, I still want to read it but it’s good to know it might be harder to get into. I think setting a smaller reading goal is just fine, you might even find yourself surpassing it, you never know! And I have to say, season 3 of This Is Us is amazing. I had kind of gotten out of it in season 2 a bit, but I’m back on the wagon now because it is incredible.


    • says:

      I wish someone had told me that it is not an enjoyable read. I am now more than halfway through and still not enjoying it. Firefly Lane was amazing!
      I watched the first episode of This is Us last night and now I’m hooked again! All it took was a few minutes and I was like “SO GLAD THIS IS BACK ON TV” 🙂


  3. Katie Arnold says:

    Oh I didn’t realize This Is Us was back again! I don’t have TV, I just stream it after and apparently hadn’t seen anyone else talk about it. I love This Is Us so I’m going to have to catch back up!


  4. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid says:

    I’m closer to 50 than 40 and I still get ridiculously excited about birthdays (mine and everybody else’s!) Age is a privilege denied to many and I really believe it is something worth celebrating. Yay for your Goodreads goal – I’ve already read 7 books this year but I think that’s because they were all relatively short, easy to read and unputdownable (I think I just made up a word!) I haven’t finished This Is Us yet either, I have to mentally prepare myself and stock up on tissues!


    • says:

      I totally agree with you – age is a priviledge and I know it seems the norm to complain about getting older but in reality it is a gift. I’ve always loved birthdays and as an adult I get as excited for my own as for my hubby’s birthday.
      7 books this year – well done! That is amazing – I’m currently on no. 2 and 3 (I read a couple at once).
      I still need to watch episode 2 – it was on last night but I needed to be in the mood before watching!


  5. San says:

    Nothing wrong with adjusting your reading goal. It’s something you should enjoy, not feel pressured to do.

    Birthdays should be celebrated. Every single one!


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