Humpday confessions

Midweek confessions 2

Confession no 1:  I’ve always been a fan of Kristin Hannah’s books and enjoyed “Firefly Lane” so much.  But I’m taking a while to get into the sequel “Fly away”.  I’m halfway through now and just not that into it.

Confession no 2:  Speaking of books – I made my Goodreads goal 35 books this year instead of 40.  I feel less pressured and less rushed already.  I love reading and feel it should be fun and enjoyable.

Confession no 3:  I still get excited for my birthday (still a couple of weeks to go).  I don’t care how old I get I still look forward to it, love planning and counting down the sleeps.  I’ve told hubby I just want to celebrate with him this year.  I’m not doing a dinner with friends or family – just want a weekend with my ❤

Confession no 4:  Season 3 of “This is us” started Monday and I haven’t watched it yet.  Don’t know why I’m dragging my feet.  Just shed so many tears watching season 1 and 2 and feel I need to be in the right mood before I get into the new season.

Confession no 5:  I had a manicure a couple weeks ago and because it was a treatment the nail polish used was clear – there was a faint hint of pale pink/lilac.  I loved the natural look and how long it lasted.  Usually I like bright and bold nail polishes – unusual for me to want subtle!  Am I getting old?

Well that is all for this week.  Not too scandalous!



Navy holiday capsule wardrobe

We spent our anniversary and Christmas in Hermanus last month and it was fantastic.  Great weather, delicious food and fun celebrating with my <3.

I don’t know about you but packing lightly for a vacation is not always easy.  I like to be prepared and so I often end up packing far too much (and wishing we had a trailer).  However I was determined to get it right over the festive season and with a few items I put together my first holiday capsule wardrobe.

Brunch before lazing at the pool


This top was from Cape Union Mart and the shorts from Truworths. 

Sightseeing before cocktails


This nautical dress is from Truworths and I teamed it with a pair of Gisele Bundchen flip flops I’d purchased years ago but still wear every summer.

Christmas lunch or date night


I got both the dress and shoes from Truworths and it can be dressed up or down with accessories or a 3/4 cardigan.

Shopping trip before lazy lunch 


Top and shorts (both from Truworths) with Roxy slip slops.

Just a few items which lasted days, with key pieces which could be swapped and changed to suit the weather and occasion.  After all these years, I might finally be learning the art of packing less!


Coffee date


If we met for coffee and a catch up, I’d plan it for an afternoon after work and after arriving, look through the wine list.

You’d suggest a crisp wine that I’ll order a glass of.  We’d talk about the weather and how hot it was over the weekend.  We’d visited Langebaan on Saturday and enjoyed breakfast at one of our favourite restaurants up the West Coast.  Sunday we did some gardening and then went to gym.

We’d chat about our festive season and I’d tell you that we had a great time in Hermanus celebrating our anniversary and Christmas.

I’d tell you that I am excited about my word for the year which is Adventure.  My word last year was Release and it took almost the whole year to actually put it into practice.  As our drinks arrives I’d add ice to my glass and tell you that it isn’t easy when some family members hurt one and it is difficult to ‘let it go’ because ones family is supposed to love you unconditionally.  And it is not easy when you see your friends and how amazingly they get on with their family and you cannot help but compare to the situation with your own.

If we met for drinks, I’d tell you that I couldn’t have done more last year.  The cost and time spent travelling to see my family was quite big.  Visiting was solely the responsibility of hubby and I and this was not fair (we didn’t move – they did).  That after everything it wasn’t enough to simply be kept in the loop regarding health issues and hospital visits.

That the situation sucks.

And I had to release.  For my own sanity.

When you’ve grown up constantly being made to feel like less, it leaves a wound.  And as an adult, trying to talk about that hurt – trying to express how it felt over the years (to be the family member who was never good enough but at the same time had tons of expectations and pressure put on her) just rubs salt into it.  Because I have people in my life who would rather get the last word or maintain they are 100% right and I’m always wrong, than try for a second to see things from my side.

So I released my expectations for the last time and while I’m polite and civil when wishing them for Christmas and New Year it is radio silence since.  And it will continue.

And I’m fine with that.

Because I have so many amazing people in my life who love me for me and I simply cannot spend one more second wasted wondering why some family are hellbent on treating me like crap (and then resenting me for being upset).  I cannot win with them and am done trying!

If we met for drinks, we’d chat about work (so busy at the moment) and travel plans for the year (very excited to visit somewhere new later this year).

We’d say our goodbyes and agree to meet again soon.

Next time, you choose the place.


January goals and mantras

goals and mantras

I love this time of year.  I mentioned it yesterday and I’m saying it again – the start of the new year always feels fresh and new and I love listing my resolutions, choosing a Word for the year the year and planning for the 12 months ahead.

My December goals were:

My goals for January 2019:

  • Continue going to yoga
  • Try something new at gym
  • Update blog 10 times
  • Keep holiday feeling alive!  Less stress more laughter.
  • Read 3 books
  • Spend more time outside, less online.

Mantras for the month ahead

“Life is an adventure, it is not a package tour” – Eckhart Tolle

“Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul” – Jaime Lyn Beatty


My word for 2019 revealed!

Oh I love the start of a new year!  Everything feels fresh and full of possibility.  New diaries with clean pages waiting to be filled with experiences.   New opportunities waiting to be made the most of.   New memories to be made.

Each year I choose a word.  You can read about what I chose for 2018 and 2017

In 2018 I chose the word Release and I’ll do a recap on this sometime soon.  I thought about using the word Nourish (which was used by the fabulous Beth) but towards the end of 2018 I realized I was already practicing this without realizing it.  I’d taken up yoga, learnt to meditate and was treating myself to pampering at my favourite spa.

So I chose something that is near to my heart, part of my blog name and something that I can share with my favourite person in the world ❤


So there it is!  My OLW for 2019.  Excited to put it into practice.  Excited to share the experiences on my blog.  Excited to make 2019 an adventure!


What about you?  Do you have a word for the year?


Happy Friday!

New pic

It is the first Friday of 2019!  Hope everyone had a great week so far?  Wednesday was my last day on leave and I had a lot planned for the day.  Unfortunately woke up sick and the day was a write off.  Meh.  Yesterday was my first day back and it was super busy but it is amazing how quickly you get back into a routine.

Being Friday I’m linking up with the lovely Lindsay Charlotte and Beth with a weekly gratitude list.

  • Amazing time on leave.  Had the best anniversary and Christmas and loved being in Hermanus for both.  While we were away I ran my longest distance (just over 9 km’s) and am on my way to 10km’s now.
  • We did a day trip to Langebaan on Saturday and I got a nail treatment for my nails when I had a manicure.  They were damaged after having my previous gellish manicure removed last month.  It isn’t the gellish that damages it nails – it is how you have it removed and I’ve learnt my lesson!
  • Did an electronic declutter.  Went through FB and contacts on my phone and deleted where necessary.  It feels like a weight lifted off and I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.  I’m over people trawling through my photos on FB and Whatsapp (who never have anything to add but collect likes and comments like a hobby on their own FB page).  Clicking unfriend felt great and I’m 100% unapologetic.
  • Feeling better after being so sick earlier in the week.  Won’t go into yucky details but so glad I can face a cup of tea again.
  • First day back at work done and dusted.

This weekend is going to be a quiet one.  We have some gardening planned for Sunday and I’d like to do some yoga.   We were thinking about going through to Langebaan but we’ll see.  I’m not quite feeling up to a long road trip at the moment.

Whatever your plans are this weekend – enjoy 🙂


A Christmas recap

Firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope that 2019 is an amazing year for everyone and that the next 12 months are filled with joy.  May we all make amazing memories that we look back on and smile about at the end of this year.

Secondly, I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks and I’ve missed it so much!  We were on leave and on holiday and I have so much catching up to do.  It is just after 7:30am this side of the world and I’m having my first cup of tea for the year!  Mark and I had a braai late last night before celebrating the start of 2019.  What did you all get up to?

I wanted to do a Christmas recap, so if you are over Rudolph and the Boney M Christmas CD I suggest you look away……

Last month I got caught up in the festive spirit and loved decorating our home.  The tree was so much fun and I took a few pictures to show.




Yes, our owl doorstopper is wearing a hat. 

I went on leave on the 21st as planned and on the 22nd we were packed and on the road to Hermanus.

We arrived early so we drove through to Stanford first.


We then travelled back to Hermanus and had a breakfast at Brassiere South.

Afterwards we checked in and then it was time for the grocery shop.  We timed our trip perfectly, remembered everything on our list and the queues weren’t too long.

We unpacked which took some time as I’d brought enough for a month away.  I don’t pack lightly.  I know some people do but after 35 years I’m still not one of them.  Hinting that I’d like hubby to buy a trailer so I could pack more has not worked.


We went to Tapas for drinks and then took a slow walk back to the apartment.  Supper was a braai and we had drinks on the balcony watching the sunset.

We celebrated our anniversary the next day.  Weather was super hot and stunning (just like it was 12 years ago).


Wedding pic

December 2006


December 2018

I couldn’t believe how quickly the years have gone by.  Had breakfast out and then chilled by the pool.  After lunch we went for a drive and then had a massive braai for dinner.


Christmas Eve we ran before breakfast.  I managed my furthest distance – 7 km’s and was super happy afterwards.  We took a drive to Pringle Bay, then had a relaxed afternoon by the pool.  I decorated the table for the next day and set the presents out by the little tree I brought with.  As I said I don’t pack lightly!

In the afternoon we went for a drive and I took this photo which looked moody with the clouds.


Christmas day we were up early opening our presents.  We had chosen a gift we wanted but also set an amount on a surprise gift which was super fun to buy and then open.

We went for another run (I managed over 8 km’s this time) and then got ready for lunch.  Hubby made us gammon which was out of this world and his potatoes are so good that my Gran (who was the roast potato expert) would have approved!


We took these pics and I love how festive they feel!



The rest of our holiday was filled with long drives, good braais, too much puddings, chilled drinks on the balcony, relaxing with a book (yes I finished my Goodreads challenge) and watching beautiful sunsets.  In a nutshell – bliss!


I also drove A LOT!

Furthest distance I’d ever driven, busiest streets during the festive season and narrowest road on the way back from a day trip.  But I did it.  Determined to stop being a nervous driver – I’ve had my licence since I was 19 and then just became a permanent passenger.  Time to change that!

We got home a few days ago and did a day trip to Langebaan where I got some spa pampering and hubby got some great bird photos.  Been eating loads, drinking champagne and having a great time on leave.  Pity the time goes so fast.

And now it is New Years Day!  I hope that everyone has a magnificent 2019 and that is filled with the best!