Humpday confessions

Giraffe to end with Final

It is that time of the week when we get to do humpday confessions.  Shall we get started?

Confession no.1:  I still haven’t switched over to my new blog.  I’m hesitant and making silly excuses when I just need to take the plunge.  Watch this space.

Confession no. 2:  Last week was so busy that I feel I’m still recovering!  By Friday evening all I wanted to do was get onto the couch with some sitcoms and a glass of wine.  I usually have more energy this time of year but last week took it out of me.

Confession no. 3:  This week has been full of lazy dinners.  I know today is only Wednesday but I don’t feel this trend will change tonight.  This time of year is busy.  Eating out is easy.  I’m making excuses but so be it.

Confession no. 4:  I gave a friend of mine her birthday present early because one part of it had been eaten and replaced so many times I was worried the shops wouldn’t have stock after my second or third replacing attempt.  I always include a tube of Milky Buttons in this friend’s gift bag and I always have to replace them because hubby and I eat them before I can give it to her.  And yes we do buy for ourselves but we eat those first.

Confession no. 5:  I’ve unashamedly wrapped birthday presents for two friends in Christmas paper this month.  And one farewell gift for a colleague.  What can I say?  If you are celebrating anything from beginning of December to end of January expect to see Santa and Snowmen wrapping.


14 Comments on “Humpday confessions

  1. I wouldn’t mind holiday wrapping, even if it’s not a Christmas gift!! And that’s too funny you kept eating part of your friend’s gift – I have a friend that has done that twice for something she was giving me. LOL



    • I’m always glad when I hear about other people eating gifts haha! Milky Buttons is something we only get at Christmas time and with my friends birthday being in December she knows I always include a tube with her gift. I think next year I’ll just stock up the moment they arrive in the shops 🙂


  2. Busy weeks really do take a lot out of you, I totally get it! I have one of those this week and any time I find a few moments to relax and breathe, it’s the best thing ever!


  3. I hear you on the busy weeks and having no energy by the the end of the week! We’ve been doing easy meals/or meals from out right now too. Nate keeps saying we’ll get back on track with better eating after Christmas, ha! And hey, Christmas wrapping is fun and festive and what matters is what’s inside, right? LOL


    • I’m finishing up today and because I’m keeping some leave for next year, it is a later start to my leave than usual. This week (actually month) has just been so busy – how are we on the 21st December already?!
      I must say nobody minded the Christmas paper because as you say it is what is on the inside that matters 🙂


  4. Oh that face for one! I love giraffes. They’re so adorable. My son on the other hand is terrified of them for whatever reason. Their grandness perhaps?
    Switching blogs over is a huge step. I sweat buckets when I did mine so I can completely relate to those feelings. I can’t wait to see what it looks like though. I’m sure it will look beautiful!
    I had to giggle at the eaten present. I can’t be trusted with gifts that can be eaten because I’ll probably eat it – that and gifts that are bubbly (as in baths or lotions…I tend to try them and like them and want them…never fails.)


    • I love Giraffes – they are so graceful (and huge) and I always have to take a photo when I see one.
      Yes switching blogs is a big step – I suppose that is why I’m hesitant. Everything on this blog is familiar and I’ve gotten used to it over the years. Decisions Decisions!
      Yay for another person who eats (and uses) gifts meant for others! I’ve managed to restrain myself when it comes to shower gels and lotions but I cannot guarantee I won’t need to replace those (along with the edibles) in future. I was very tempted to keep one gift for myself recently but did the right thing. Wrapped it in festive wrapping and begrudgingly gave it away haha!


  5. LOL, you are adorable 🙂 Also I think it is totally acceptable to wrap any December/January birthday gift in holiday wrapping paper. I am guilty of wrapping with what I have (boy birthday for a girl’s birthday party)–you do what you can!

    OMG, I feel like the past few weeks have just been a whirlwind. I’m going to be happy to have this weekend to wrap and drink wine 🙂 I hope you are taking time for yourself and that you are enjoying the season as much as possible. Also best of luck with your blog switch! I freak out when anything changes or I need to make updates, so I hope all goes well for you! XOXO and sending much love and glasses filled to the brim with wine 🙂


    • I always mean to be one of those organized people who have spare gift wrapping for every occasion. It hasn’t happened yet!

      I hear you – the past few weeks have just flown by far too quickly. I’m going on leave today but it doesn’t feel like it yet. So much to finish up first. Hope you are taking some time out to relax and that you have a fabulous festive season.
      In the new year I’ll get back to working on my new blog – it will take time to get used the new layout but I need to get to it!
      Raising full glasses back to you and sending lots of love and hugs XOXO


  6. This week has been full of lazy dinners as well. I’m really glad that I had a lot of stuff in the freezer and easy to make meals because it’s been so busy. The last thing I wanted to deal with was making dinners that would take too long to cook. I hope you get to relax this weekend. Happy Holidays.


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