Friday gratitude

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I am so happy that Friday has arrived (and we have a 3 day weekend).  If I thought last week was busy, this one was insane!  I feel like I have rushed around from the moment I opened my eyes on Monday morning and now as I sip coffee (step aside tea – I need liquid fuel) I feel relieved it is over and I go on leave in a few days.

I made time to go to yoga and a mindful session afterwards on Monday.  Got home just before 10:00pm.  Tuesday evening we had a work function at the office.  Wednesday I met a friend for tea, then went for a run, had supper and went to the in-laws for cake and tea and to exchange gifts.  Thursday I finished up quarter end at work – day passed in a blur.

Last night we got home tired and instead of going to gym or yoga or catching up on housework I suggested a date night.  It was great.  Delicious food and wine and catching up with my ❤ was just what I needed after a hectic week.  Came home, showered, got into jim jams and dozed off watching a movie.  It was a wonderful evening.

We’ve got our department lunch today so ending work early and then 3 days ahead to chill!  I cannot wait.  Tomorrow we are going to Langebaan for a day trip and I managed to get a last minute appointment at the spa.  We are having a braai in the evening and we have no set plans for Sunday and Monday.  Bliss.

Friday means linking up with the lovely Lindsay Charlotte and Beth with a weekly gratitude list.

  • Wonderful weekend.  Went to a dinner at a bowls club with colleagues on Friday.  Yoga and brunch on Saturday.  Took a drive on Sunday.  Napped.
  • Going to another yoga class and loving it
  • Beautiful flowers and a chocolate from a friend.
  • Getting super spoilt with a gift voucher from Woolies.
  • The Christmas tree and decorations at home making me feel festive wherever I look.

How about you?  What is on your list this week?


6 Comments on “Friday gratitude

  1. It’s so important to take some time to just “be” at this time of year when things can get super busy! A weekend without plans is my favourite!


  2. Hey s sweetheart,

    I’ve been having such a tough time writing this – between freezing, crashing browsers and not loading, my long comment has all but vanished and I’m worried this will be the same….

    I’m living through you and all these yoga classes you’re attending. I still have yet to get back to yoga. I almost need to be forced into a class to get back into the groove again.

    If I happen to not speak to you, wishing you and your hubby a very merry Christmas my dear. xoxoxo


    • Hey Lindsay,
      Happy New Year!
      Hope you had a great Christmas and got to relax during the festive season. I know you said you were working but hopefully you still fitted in some time to chill 🙂 I need to catch up on the blogs – so behind but back from holiday and going back to work on Thursday.
      They yoga classes have been amazing – you won’t regret going to one.
      I cannot believe it is 2019 already! Here is to a great year ❤


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