Self care during the festive season


Our Christmas tree last year.  Haven’t had time to take a pic of this years one.

So lately I’ve been reading a lot about the importance of self-care.  I’ve seen it mentioned on blogs and when commenting I always say how essential this practice is.

How we need to take time out for ourselves and how we are able to be kinder to others when we’ve nurtured ourselves.  It isn’t selfish it is downright necessary!

I recently signed up for yoga.  I had been wanting to do a 2 week trial which meant I could attend various lessons and choose to have a transformation session or a private yoga lesson included.  For months, I just kept putting off the signing up.  First I had backache and so I didn’t sign up.  Then I went on leave.  Came back from leave.  Things were busy.  I was tired.  I kept finding excuses until the end of November when I just made the payment, filled out the forms and went to my first class.

And I loved it.

But the next week was busy and I put off going back until last Saturday.

And I loved that lesson as much as the first.

But last night after a quick shower I was chatting to hubby and I told him I felt I had signed up at the wrong time.  Quarter end at work.  Trying to catch up with friends after hours.  Work functions I’d replied to ages ago.  I felt like everyday was busy busy busy.  This morning I sat at my desk looking at the week ahead and felt tired before the day had begun!  I e-mailed the studio about a session I was interested in and afterwards thought about putting it off.  So much to do this week.  So little time.

And then I realized something.  The numerous times I’ve told people to look after themselves I had meant it.  So why was I looking for excuses to put off doing something for me?  Hubby said he can see how much I love it and I must make time for it.  It is advice I’d give to others so why was I finding it difficult to take?

I’ve chosen the perfect time to sign up for yoga.  If ever there was a time I needed to relax it is right now while my head and diary is full and I’m in need of some me-time.

Tomorrow I’ve got a work function at the office after work.  Wednesday I’m meeting a friend for coffee, then seeing my in-laws for a games night.  Thursday is for catching up on the housework, going to gym and wrapping presents.  Friday is a department lunch and then it is a 3 day weekend.

So yes a full week ahead but like I’ve been telling so many self-care is essential.  For us all.

Time I took my own advice 🙂

What about you?  What advice do you find easy to give out but difficult to practice?


8 Comments on “Self care during the festive season

  1. Good for you!! I am so glad you have found you love yoga and that you are finding a way to make the time for it! I am the worst at taking my own advice too, so I totally get this. My self care lately has been making the time for a bath in the evenings and reminding myself to put down my phone and read a book or something instead. I hope you continue to enjoy your yoga practices!


    • I’m really loving yoga at the moment and cannot wait to do more in the new year! It is often easy to give advice but not to always take it. I loved your OLW for 2018 and am tempted to use it myself for next year because it is essential.
      Hope you are having a great December so far and making time for yourself 🙂


  2. Self-care is a tough one. It’s easy to see how another needs or deserves a little TLC. Another I struggle with: Telling people not to worry. I’m usually good at that unless I’m not. But I hide it well. Even if it’s eating me up inside.


    • Oh goodness the “don’t worry” advice that is SO easy to give but difficult to take! I’m the same and I’m finding that doing yoga and being mindful has helped a bit. I can see when I’m ruminating on something for too long and must take a step back. Just being aware of it is a step forward.


  3. Self care is absolutely vital for everyone. I let myself fall apart this year because I was taking care of a very sick loved one. I started to get back on track near the end of the summer but my body is so worn. I’ll get back.
    Carving out you time means putting it in your calendar and sticking to it – just like you would an appointment with a dentist or doctor etc. Make that time sacred and unmovable. You are worth that slice of heaven, recharging, breaths of air. xoxo


    • Sorry that you have had such a rough year – I really hope that you are able to take some time out over the festive season. Also hope that your loved one is feeling better and on the mend.

      I love how you compare you-time to an appointment – we wouldn’t miss a meeting or something scheduled in our calendars. But taking time out to just relax and center ourselves is easy to put off when there are urgent things on the go. And this time of year is often so busy so time out is even more important.


  4. It can definitely be tough to find time for self-care. I’m glad that you’re enjoying yoga though and making time for it. I went to dance tonight, even though it was cold and I was tired and it’s been a long day, and it was great. 🙂



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