Friday at last!

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I’ve always been a tea drinker but this week was made for coffee!  I think I had quite a few as it was a really long and busy week and I’m so ready for the weekend to begin.

This week was just one big rush and I’m really tired.  Had to replace our geyser (a big thank you to hubby for taking care of everything) <3.  We made it to gym once.  We spent ages in traffic rushing around to get my contact lenses and then last night went to finish our Christmas shopping.  Thank goodness that is finished.  I opened a bottle of wine and had a very lazy dinner afterwards.  We also had to replace a friend’s birthday present because one evening we ate it for dessert.  Not the greatest week!

Does anyone else buy edibles to put with presents in advance, eat some and then have to replace it?  We cannot be the only ones.

Anyway it is Friday at long last.  Today I’m linking up with the lovely Lindsay Charlotte and Beth with a weekly gratitude list.

  • A wonderful weekend. Went to a yoga class on Saturday and felt super calm afterwards.  Made a delicious brunch with hubby when I got home.  Standing in our kitchen with the sunshine pouring in, drinking tea and waiting for the flapjacks and bacon to cook was great.  We visited Hermanus on Sunday and had breakfast at Brassiere South, bought some more Christmas decorations.  Putting up the tree was so enjoyable and I bought new Christmas decorations as well as some Christmas bowls (to go with the cups and side plates).
  • Enjoying yoga SO much.
  • Waking up to rain on Monday morning.  And getting more on and off in the week.
  • Date night on Wednesday.  Dinner at Cattle Baron was delicious.
  • CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IS DONE.  I just need to wrap the presents and that is it.  Not going through the stress of last minute shopping in busy malls was worth all the running around this week.

Tonight we are going to a Christmas dinner at a Bowls Club which we were invited to by my office.  Then tomorrow I’ve got another Yoga class and I’m thinking a brunch should be in order.  Sunday is unplanned and that is fine with me.  Like a blank page just waiting to be filled with adventure.

What about you?  What is on your gratitude list this week?  Anything exciting planned for the weekend?


16 Comments on “Friday at last!

  1. You have your Christmas shopping done too? Oh man, this shopping thing is making us sweat. We ordered things online and wouldn’t you know the postal workers are saying that everything is all backed up and not guarenteed to deliver because of their strike now. YIKES! I hate shopping in the malls with a passion. We do eat what we buy before hand. HA! OOOPS. Unless it’s chocolate. I can’t eat that stuff. I really want to do yoga but I need to do it with elderly people who have busted up backs. LOL!


    • Shame Kimberly, hope that the gifts you ordered are in time for Christmas.
      Shopping in busy malls is not my idea of fun. Stress levels rise just thinking about last minute shopping. I was a bit more organized this year which I’m glad about but I haven’t started wrapping yet.
      So glad we aren’t the only ones who eat presents and then have to replace them. One item that is going with a friend’s present has been eaten and replaced a few times. I’m giving her, her gift tomorrow – it is costing me having it at home haha!


  2. I’m sorry your week was so crazy, but I’m glad you had a nice weekend last weekend – it sounds really awesome with yoga and brunch at home! Awesome too on your Christmas shopping being done! We’re sitting down this weekend to figure out the rest of ours so we can get on it!


  3. Boo for a crazy week! But OMG you ate her present!? LOL That is awesome. Im glad you were able to replace it and you know, it happens! Totally OK! I can’t believe you are done shopping, Im such a procrastinator! Ever year I say I will do better and then I say it again the next year. Oops. Maybe next year?! hahaha . Have an amazing and fun weekend!


    • It was technically part of her present as I usually make up a gift bag with lots of little goodies. Some edible and some not haha! The edibles have not fared well – has cost us to keep replacing them.
      Weekend was good – cannot believe it is Monday already! Hope you had a wonderful one and the week ahead is great.


  4. Yay for good yoga classes! And omg I was just thinking “I better not eat my dad’s Christmas gift” because I got him halvah from a specialty shop in NYC which is supposed to be kept in the fridge. We’ll see if it lasts 🤣 I love that you ate your friends present: see, this is what happens when you do all your holiday shopping early 😊 kidding. I’m actually super impressed you are done already! And give yourself extra love this season—even when you don’t make it to the gym or you want to punch someone in the throat (oh, did I just say that out loud?!). Xoxo and love you momma!


    • The yoga classes have been amazing and I cannot wait to go back.
      I’m always glad when I hear about other people eating gifts haha! I hope you Dad’s present lasts but if not, you deserve a treat 🙂
      I’m glad the shopping is done, now just the wrapping to get sorted. I was thinking of doing it in front of the TV while watching a Christmas movie.
      xoxo back to you my friend.


  5. I have been wanting to try yoga for the longest time. I’ve actually thought about going to a class. Hooray for finishing your Christmas shopping. I hope you have a great weekend.


  6. Anthea,

    Your relaxing weekend sounded dreamy and so, so relaxing. I’m channeling that right now. I may try and find me a Sunday class to go to. My back and hips have been sore this week and that sounds right up my alley at the moment. I’m late but what else is new. I’m slammed this month and I cannot believe Christmas is 11 days away!!! Jeez Louise.

    Hope you had a good week my dear.



    • I cannot believe how quickly Christmas is coming this year! December is flying and I just want to press pause and sit and enjoy it!
      Sorry about your back and hips being sore – hope they feel better soon. I’m loving yoga and how relaxed it makes me feel. Just be sure to mention any injuries and pain you are having before you start any class and take things at your own pace. Even though I’m doing some beginner classes I can still feel I’ve worked out the next day.

      Hope you had a good weekend XOXO.


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