December mantras and goals

December mantras and goals

I love this time of year!  On Saturday we put up our Christmas tree and set out all our Christmas decorations.

I feel so festive and just want to press pause on this month!  I know that the festive season can be busy and expensive but I have always loved December.  We have some leave planned, looking forward to celebrating our (12th) anniversary and then it is Christmas and New Years Eve.

Each month I link up with the fabulous Peaceful Posse and we recap our goals from the month before, list our new ones and include a mantra or two.

Lets see how I did in November:

  • Read 4 books
  • Go to a yoga class  Went on Saturday (which is technically the 1st December but I’m ticking this off). 
  • Sort out bookcase – Didn’t make time for this unfortunately.
  • Do 30 days of gratitude (update gratitude journal every day for November)
  • Make time for creative writing – 30 minutes, 3 times a week
  • Get Christmas shopping done so there is no rushing around in December.  2 presents left!

Not bad.  My goals for December:

December goals

  • Read 4 books and complete Goodreads reading challenge (goal for the year is 40 books)
  • Go to another yoga class
  • Finish Christmas shopping
  • Blog at least 8 times and do more link ups
  • Organise bookcase
  • Have a wonderful time on leave and an amazing anniversary and Christmas with my ❤

My mantras for December are about gratitude.

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough” – Melody Beattie

“If you want to find happiness, find gratitude” – Steve Maraboli

Here is to an awesome December 🙂


14 thoughts on “December mantras and goals

  1. Kimberly (@momgosomething) says:

    I think it’s awesome that you are almost done the good reads challenge. You are almost there! Whoot! I read more books this year. Definitely not 40 but more than any year. I am so jealous that you only have 2 gifts left. We have such picky people to buy for and I’m the one who has to do the shopping. Super irritating. Everyone gets gift cards! Thats what I want to say 😉


    • says:

      I loved the challenge but next year I will definitely set my challenge to less books! I feel a bit pressured now to finish and I love reading so don’t want to make it feel like a chore.
      I read your FB update about Carol and her presents haha! I still have the 2 to buy – didn’t get much shopping done over the weekend.
      Picky people are so difficult to buy for and can make Christmas shopping stressful. I love getting a gift card!


  2. Beth says:

    You did a great job with your November goals! And I’m jealous you’re just about done Christmas shopping! I have a start on mine but there is still quite a bit to go! You are so close to your reading challenge, that is amazing too! I know you will hit that 40 book goal!


  3. Kim Munoz (@KMunoz28) says:

    I still have a ton of shopping to do but major props for being almost done! You did great on your goals! I have to add so many books to my read list on Goodreads. I think I have only 30 to read and should be close by now. Ive been in such a tv mood lately so I haven’t been reading as much. Also, that Melody Beattie quote is PERFECT!


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