Sun City holiday

Selfie at Lost City (2)

Apart from yesterdays book review I’ve been quiet on my blog as I was away in Sun City last week.  We flew back on Friday night and returned to the office on Monday.

It was a wonderful holiday with amazing animal sightings in Pilanesberg National Park which we visited each day.  Mark bought me a new camera which I tried out and while I still need to practice a bit more, I was pleased with my photos.

Something that really added to our holiday was the fact I kept my phone off the entire time.  No WhatsApp, e-mail and Facebook.

It was bliss.  Do you know the level of relaxation you achieve when you aren’t on glued to your phone?

I felt refreshed when we returned – sometimes you need to unplug to be fully mindful and present.

Anyway, here are some pics of our vacation:

Blue Wildebeest





These Elephants were on their way to a dam to drink – we parked and just watched them make their way after a long hot day to the cool water.

Croc 1

This massive Crocodile was at the Crocodile Sanctuary which we visited.  They have so many and a separate section for baby Crocodiles.

Giraffe Final

I love Giraffes and took so many pictures of them!

Warthog Final

A Warthog looking for a snack.

Lion 2 Final

These Lions were eating a Wildebeest.  They were so close – just a few metres away.  It rained that morning so the visibility wasn’t great but seeing them was amazing.

Lion 1 Final


Zebra chilling out!

Hare Final

A Hare having a nervous nibble!

Health breakfast

We ate brunch (and sometimes a late lunch as well) at the Lost City Golf course and the view was stunning.

Selfie at Lost City

Vervet Monkey Final

This Vervet Monkey found sugar packets on the floor, jumped up to sit at the table and merrily ate away without a care in the world.

Selfie - VOW2

Visited the Valley of the Waves.

Mark - VOW

Selfie on balcony

I loved the apartment we stayed in at Vacation Club.  The balcony looked out onto loads of trees and there were birds building nests and Peacocks walking around strutting their feathers.  Mongeese would run around and Vervet Monkeys would often sit on the grass or play around metres from the apartments.  You can hear the birds from early in the morning and it was the perfect start to my day listening to the sounds of nature while sipping a cup of tea.

In the evenings we’d braai on the balcony, enjoy a crisp drink and look back on the day we’d just enjoyed.  We saw a Leopard and while I didn’t get a photo, it is always magnificent to see these beautiful animals.  The one we saw had eaten recently and was sitting calmly letting visitors get a look at her.

The weather was amazing – only rained on the Sunday and we didn’t complain because it cooled the park down while we drove around.  We saw the Lions and Leopard during the same morning which was the overcast day.  The rest of the week was sunny and hot.

I treated myself to a gellish manicure at the Spa upstairs from the Gary Player Country Club and have had pretty pink nails since.

As you can see preparations are underway for the Million Dollar Golf Challenge which takes place from the 8th – 11th November.

Gary Player

The week went so quickly but we enjoyed every moment.  I cannot wait to go back – I mean where else can I see the Big 5, chill by Valley of the Waves, get treated at a Spa, look at crocs, visit a casino, be spoilt for choice on restaurants and do shopping in one amazing place?

Giraffe to end with Final

Sun City is simply awesome.


12 Comments on “Sun City holiday

  1. Looks like you had a really fun vacation! I love all the animal pictures – the monkey that grabbed the sugar is hilarious!!


  2. I would love to be so close to so many amazing animals. It’s just not the same to see them in tiny habitats here in the zoo. The monkey is too cute. I’m glad you had a nice vacation! 🙂


  3. Thee pictures are incredible and congrats on the new camera! Also being able to unplug on vacation is so necessary and I have such a hard time doing it. Good for you-it’s the only way to fully immerse yourself in your travels! Xo


  4. Sounds delightful. I love your pictures! That croc is HUGE!
    I bet the leopard was a beauty. ❤ Glad you had such a nice time away. 🙂


  5. Oh what an amazing vacation. I love all the photos of the wild animals, especially the giraffes (love giraffes!) and zebras 🙂 So glad you had such a lovely time (and yes, disconnecting from your phone is so needed sometimes!)


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