If you and I had coffee


I’m linking up with Lecy today https://asimplergrace.blogspot.com/

If we met for coffee I’d suggest a restaurant nearby which has a lovely section outside which sits in the shade – great with the warm weather we’ve been having.

I’d order a red cappuchino and ask how you are and what you’ve been up to.

As our drinks arrive I’d tell you that I’m on a decluttering streak.  I organised our wardrobe for summer recently and went through old clothes we haven’t worn in ages.  It felt so good to donate 3 bags of clothes that were just sitting there and not being enjoyed.

We’d order some cake and I’d choose the lemon meringue.  I’d tell you that something I’ve needed to work on has become easier with time.  I find balance is something that isn’t always easy to achieve.  For instance if I skip gym I usually eat something unhealthy.  Then I’ll probably miss gym the next day and finish the cheese in the fridge before supper.

Point is, balance is one of those things that sometimes elude me.  Shopping is another thing.  I go for one item, somehow end up buying three.  Or nothing – weird how all-or-nothing thinking works?

But a few days ago, I felt like I’d started making headway.  We have been putting off the garden for a while and our driveway had so many weeds that kept sprouting up through the bricks.  So we tackled this and part of the back garden over the weekend.  But we left one section of the back garden for an evening after work when we could plant some water-wise plants.  Usually I’d want to push through in the heat and finish the job we started but not this time.  I wanted us to enjoy the rest of our Sunday afternoon and take our time choosing new plants instead of rushing it.

And last week I did skip gym a couple evenings after work and still managed to eat a healthy dinner each time.  Balance can be achieved, it just takes practice.

We’d enjoy our cake and talk about how quickly this year is flying.  You’d tell me about the place you are choosing for our November coffee chat before we say goodbye until next month.


18 Comments on “If you and I had coffee

  1. I’d tell you I’ve been on a decluttering streak too and it feels so good. There’s just something so satisfying about seeing the bags get donated. And I am in total agreement about the year flying by, how is it November next month already?


  2. Oh, a red cappuccino? That sounds interesting. I might need to try that! Balance is tough for me too. It’s been a struggle to “train” myself to try to balance my life more. I’m glad you are making some headway in that department. Anthea, I’m so happy you were able to join the coffee date! Hope to see you again next month! ❤


  3. What is a red cappuccino? I believe you hopped over to my blog from the coffee link-up. What kind of planner do you use /are waiting to arrive?


    • Yes I visited your blog for the first time today!
      Red cappuccino’s are made with rooibos tea and they taste awesome. I like to drizzle some honey on top.
      I’m waiting to hear from a book shop about the Peter Pauper Print range otherwise I’ll get a journal/diary (I’ve also looked at the Molskine range). There are so many to choose from!


  4. I struggle with balance and momentum (and energy). I know what I want to get done but I have a hard time doing it within the allotted time. Either I wear myself out and do it all at once or I put it off and feel terrible about it for far too long.
    What is a red cappuccino?


  5. I’d want to know more about this red cappuccino you’re drinking and then I’d probably order the same because it sounds delicious. Also I’d tell you that your decluttering is inspiring me to do the same—doesn’t it feel good to get rid of the excess?!

    And yes to balance in all things/ takes some work, but it’s nice when you can eat heathy one day and skip a gym day or have a cookie and make up for it by walking ❤️


  6. A red cappuccino?! Sounds good! Id order that too! I would cheer you on your decluttering streak and ask you for more tips. Because I really need to do that! I would love to hear you talk about what plants you are wanting to plant. Id have to confess that I am a plant killer. No matter what, I have only managed to keep a few plants alive! Enjoy the warm weather! See you again when we grab coffee again!


    • I have had two cacti plants at the office that didn’t make it, so I won’t judge you on not having green fingers. My hubby and I chose some nice plants and flowers – I don’t have the exact names but the flowers are bright and cheerful and I know some were called Petunias.


  7. I moved house earlier this year which meant I got a whole lot of decluttering done. Feels so good sometimes to simplify and get rid of stuff. But recently I’ve noticed the clutter creeping in again.

    Balance can be hard, especially when it comes to food. I think I’d order the lemon meringue too, it sounds so good!!


    • That is the perfect time for decluttering isn’t it? And yes, it feels so good to simplify and make space. I know clutter can creep in without us realizing it – at least you’ve noticed it and are aware.

      Balance is really something I’ve had to work on. I’m finding that just being aware of it is making it easier. But it really takes practice!


  8. I’d order a skinny cappucino and tell you how I’ve been staying with my mum and how precious the time is we’ve had together and how I’ve loved walkies with her dog. We would compare notes on balance (or lack thereof) and maybe we would motivate each other to declutter – we could even agree to play the Minimalism Game and then compare notes over coffee in November. Have you ever played it?


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